October 17th total to date for 288 road days = 12,720.5km.

Oct. 14th 2011. Start Santa Rosa, El Salvador and ran 16.5km to the frontier. Crossed to Honduras, checked into hotel at border went out and ran another 20km to finish at Puente Seis at km20. When I decided to return 2 busses didnt stop for the gringo.. Need help from Hector who stood with me in torrential rain for over half an hour. Thanks Hector Today 36.5km run.

Oct. 15th. Rest day in Choluteca. I made a long commute here this morning and it was too late to return to km20. The bus drivers silly antics are having an effect on my time on the road.

Many thanks to David who allowed me to use his computer in his shop Moto Sur and his son Fernando who worked very hard in vain to help me with some technical difficulties.

Oct. 16th. 2011. From Fridays finish at km 20 to km 40 and then at a junction road changed to route Ca 01 starting at km 93.5 I ran to km 125 to a small community called El Marial (wrong spelling I am sure) Ran 51.5km today. Then waited almost an hour and a half after another racist bus driver decided not to stop after first pulling up. Thanks to local people for stopping the very last bus back to my hotel in Choluteca. Torrential rain today, running in puddles.

Oct 17th 2011. From El Marial to Las Hormiga. 56km today. Am now about 15-20km away from Nicaragua and will cross tomorrow. Felt strong today.Met some nice people. Ran on routes CA 1 and 3.

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6 Responses to “HONDURAS DAILY LOG”

  1. Kevin Says:

    Good to see you haven’t been washed away with the rains. Keep on plodding, and stay safe.

  2. Ann Says:

    Wow you are wading your way through these countries. No. 8 Nicaragua today. Doing fab. Take care Ann :)

  3. Andrés Montero Flores Says:

    Congratulatión Because your country # 8¡; CostaRica is at hand on road¡

    Recibe our admiration, and share your amaizing experience.

    I feel proud of being with you in Mexico.

    God Blest your steps, Tony

    Andrés Montero Flores & Family
    Nayarit, México.

  4. stewart cochrane Says:

    hey tony….you are doing great…keep on leaping through those puddles..some pics please….at least its not snow banks in newfoundland…lol….KEEP UP THE AWESOME EFFORT


    stewart and bernie cochrane

  5. Ann Says:

    Tony texted Mam and I on Tuesday from Nicaragua to say he had run 38km that day and was invited into a church by a Priest who stopped him on the road to stay for the night. Fair play to the Padre :)

  6. Serena Salmon Says:

    Sounds tough tony but keep on running! Always an interesting read, Serena

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