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2 Videos Of Running In Monday’s Blizzard In Maine.

Tuesday, December 28th, 2010

Dec 23-25th Christmas break in Clifton, Maine.

Dec 26th.  Winterport, Maine.  46.7km/ 29 miles

Monday 27th Dec. Winterport to Durham Forest State Park. 43.4km / 27 Miles

Tuesday 28th Dec. To:  Waldoboro  52.3 km /32.5 miles

Wednesday 29th Dec To: Bath (south)  49.5km / 30.7 miles.

Thursday 30th Dec.  To Yarmouth.  38.6km / 24 miles.

Friday 31st Dec To: Saco           44.7km   / 27.8 miles

Saturday Jan. 1st.  To: Kittery.      52.2km       /32.4 miles

Total for 56 Road Days = Total: 2,521.1 km / 1,566.5 miles.

Tomorrow Friday, running to Saco. Meeting some runners from Portland in Starbucks, Falmouth to direct me through Portland :)

NOTE FRI EVENING: The Portland runners stood me up :( I waited for over an hour of precious time during these short days. And I had to think of my host far away in Saco on this night, New Years Eve.

They did not even phone  Starbocks…  I found my way through their city.. It was not easy with the closed to pedestrians segments of highway. As I have mentioned before I have not had even a single rude word uttered to me on the run but I am taking this as the first rude deed the fact they didn’t even phone Starbucks. Shame on the Portland Runners. I am sure the runners in Massachusetts will be more considerate when I get there in a couple of days.

Tomorrow New Years Day. I plan to run from Saco to Kitterly finishing at McDonalds.  This is a little more than 50km/ 31 miles. The couple I am staying with here in Saco  Alex and Dennis say they can pick me up as they have to go there on business and can ferry me back to the same spot on Sunday to continue on into Massachusetts. So I can run without the buggy tomorrow.

Month 2 total km run = 1,173.2km = 729 miles.


Watch video of me running  up a hill in the blizzard  this morning.

Press >>  HERE



I did a 15 minute radio interview for Stephen Kings radio station this morning. Seems I have gotten some fans!

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First Days In The USA.

Tuesday, December 28th, 2010

My first day in Maine last Monday was pretty routine. I ran over 45km/28miles to a town called Clifford. The wind was whipping up a cold snap. I guess I could have finished earlier but was pushing for the distance after so many delays during the day.

Around 4.30 I spotted a half closed garage and thinking there was someone inside went over to ask for shelter there. No reply so I just knocked on the door of the house. A tiny lady of about 75 years answered and told me I could lay my sleeping bag out at the back of the garage. the reason the garage door was half open was because it was broken. I tried unsuscessfully fixing it for her. So I had to pull some boards up to the door to keep the cold wind out. I settled in to an area of less than a meter between the back wall and her SUV. 

Her name was Mary Ellen. She came out with a thermos of tea and some chocolate chip cookies.

A couple of hours later a man called Courtney called over in a pickup 

” Hey Bud!’ You are coming over to stay in my place in Love Lake. ”

It took me a while to get packed up. Courtney told me that Mary Ellen had casually mentioned my arrival on the phone to her son  who lives in the south of the state. It seemed the son freaked out as Mary Ellen had be a victim of 2 robberies. The woman was so good natured coming out with the thermos of tea and not in the least bit scared. In fact she was sorry she told her son who was making such a fuss, as she saw it.   

I spent a really pleasant evening over at Courtney’s newly constructed log house. He lives there with his wife Christine.

Courtney is a ship engineer normally spending 2 months at sea between Seattle and Alaska then getting 6 weeks time off.

They set up a place for me to stay in Beddington for the following night. A friend of his called Frank that runs a service station, diner and motel.

There was some rain. Very cold and hilly. I still managed 52km/ 32.4 mls.

I ran for about an hour in the dark and figured I had only got a couple of km to go. Then a cop pulls me over and says Franks place is closed for the winter and the next town is 14 miles away. At that time of day I figured on at least another 3 hours running with Nirvana. I was prepared to do it. I suppose I had to as the area was pretty desolate.

So I started asking the cop if he was sure and asked had he got minute till I got out my road notes out to check.

He told me he hadn’t got a minute that he was in a hurry. It was wickedly cold but I was so well wrapped up and comfortable. It was a night for dying if one didn’t respect the elements. I took the cops reaction as a compliment to my survival skills.

I ran on for a few more minutes and saw a light to my left. On closer inspection it seemed to be a day house/ office for a DOT contractor. The door was surprisingly open. I went in and carried Nirvana up the steps as it seemed the place was winterised with no water or electrics. There was a bed with bed clothing and a wood burning stove. I lit it up managing to dry my wet clothes. I cooked some food and tea over the stove, listened to some music on my netbook and settled down to sleep.

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Crossing Into The USA.

Sunday, December 26th, 2010

Dec 23-25th Christmas break in Clifton, Maine.

Dec 26th.  Winterport, Maine.  46.7km/ 29 miles

=2,240.4km/  1,392.1 miles for 50 road days

I arrived at the USA border from St. Stephen, New Brunswick on a blustery Monday morning. I was heading for Calais, Maine.


The immigration officer at the booth didn’t quiet know what to make of Nirvana so he ushered me inside the US immigration building.

I decided I had better keep my usual giddiness and smart tongue in check but within two minutes I was off!

” Any meat or fruit? ”

” Only a ham sandwich and a fruit slice! ”

There were 4 officers quizzing me on the usual questions of my route and why was I traveling in winter.

A female officer was scrolling back and reading my website blogs…

” So you sleep under bridges and in peoples garages? ”

” Only when I have to. ”

” Why you travelling through in the winter? ”

” I got made redundant in July and the trip had to go east or west… As cold as Canada is its not as cold as Russia where I would have had a long colder winter. Here I will be running south. I also want to make my world run as continuous as possible on a world map. I could have made it easy for myself by continuing from New York or Florida after I ran across Ireland but I am making it harder and longer because I intend to do this once only and I want to do it the right way. ”

” I see. ”  She says with a friendly smile.

And then adds. ” But why did you not wait till the spring to start? ”

” I got made redundant in July and the time was perfect as I had been planning this for over 20 years.

” I also didn’t want to fall in love with a dodgy woman…. You know women I nodded over at a male officer! ”

Three nodding smilling faces said it all!

I am getting a bit worn out by the long replies necessary to some basic questions, so complex is the expedition.

You know it takes me a full minute to give a route description and very few people can follow it anyway! Gotta do this several times a day.

That one goes like this:

” After running the Dublin marathon on October 25th I then ran across Ireland to Dunquin because it’s the most westerly place in Ireland. I ran into the Atlantic and then came out of the Atlantic over here (watching their faces for this bit!) to match it up with  the most easterly place in north America, which is Cape Spear, Newfoundland. I ran across Newfoundland, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick and now Maine.

South west across the United States, across the Rockies, a must because I lived there before. Then on to southern California, through Mexico, Central  America, over the Andes through South America to the very tip of Tierra del Fuego which will be about the halfway point. Then onto New Zealand, Tasmania, into Australia, from Sydney through the outback as far as Darwin. Indonesia,  South-east Asia, Laos.

 Turn left in China for the final straight across Asia and China, Kazakhstan, Russia, around the last bend and into the Ukraine and Europe all the way to Ireland where I want to finish at 2pm on 29th October 2013!

 To finish where I started with the Dublin marathon.

” What? ” 

Just then the officer that was examining Nirvana in the corridor wheels her in and shows her off to the other officers…

” I just thought you guys would like to see this impressive rig! ” He says.

” How long do you think you need to cross the USA? ”

Six months I say and I am into Maine.

The Maine Road.

I stop at the Circle K for a coffee and the attendant gave me $2 for the charity.

An hour down US 9 an a black pickup waves me to a halt.

I had left a document behind at immigration. The female officer had gotten her fiance to return it to me along with a Christmas card and $20 for a Christmas gift from the two of them :)

I’m in the USA, crossing  in just as I clocked up 2,100km or exactly 50 marathons ( in 47 road days) in the land of the 50 states…sweet!

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Merry Christmas From Clifton Maine.

Friday, December 24th, 2010

Just a quick post to to say I am spending Christmas in this nice town. I am the guest of pastor John and Debbie Walsh.

 I have been having problems both time wise and quality  internet service wise this last week and thats why I have not managed to post my photos. I hope to post them soon along with a blog of my first few days in the States.

Merry Christmas to my blog followers, supporters, sponsors and especially those that have helped me, those that have offered to help me and those that are still helping me.

I was on US 9 highway on Wednesday just outside of Clifton, Maine and wondering where I would spend that night. There had been a storm for 2 days. A lady called Lynn pulled up and suggested she would go onto to Clifton and ask at the United Baptist Church of Clifton if I could stay that night.

Back on the road. Time to burn off those Christmas calories.

Lynn returned to say the church were waiting for me. I will put further details in the blog but Pastor John and his wife Debbie suggested I spend Christmas with them in their home. Their kindness is overwhelming.

I did my interview for the BBC this morning but it was really just a snippet at the end of the show. We were all up here at 6.15am for the call.

A couple of days ago I got a call for a local talk radio station asking for me to be available for a radio interview at 6.40am Monday. I think they required a landline connection and wanted to know where I would likely be. I honestly didn’t know and may not even have a cell phone signal.

Well the producer tries to impress me when I give him all this negativity (for him but reality for me)

So he asks me… ” Tony.. So do you know who owns this radio station? ”

” No Who? ”

” Stephen King! ” Says he trying to impress me.

” Oh thats the boxing promoter with the wiry hair that looks like he stuck his finger in the electrical socket! ” I say seriously.

I don’t think he was too impressed.

The radio producer had read the article in the Bangor Daily News: Article > HERE

Christmas Break In Clifton, Maine.

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Thank You Atlantic Canada! You Made It Happen

Thursday, December 23rd, 2010

Well what can I say. About 6 weeks in Canada and the most unbelievable experience. My first thoughts as I awoke on my last day in the country is that I hope the rest of my world run, and the world in general is just like Canada!

From my very first day in Newfoundland with Sandy Pike picking me up at the airport and helping me get sorted despite her crucial economics examination on the day I departed Cape Spear. The Cochrane family that couldn’t do enough to help. Newfoundland, a place so unique that the residents in neighbouring provinces just love it and have said to me on many occasions..

” If I had the money to retire I would head straight for Newfoundland. ”

Then in Nova Scotia the clerk at a Circle K service station filled out vouchers for 8 free coffees. He couldn’t do much but that was his way of discreetly helping me. The Luftman family for practically stalking me to ensure I stayed with them! Then in New Brunswick the Mallard family treated me like a son. Their behind the scenes World Jog help is still going on.

I know it’s not fair for me to single out incidents like these as there have been countless more during my 6 happy weeks here. To each and every one of you  – a representative from your province – I thank you from the very bottom of my heart. I can honestly say that I have not had one single rude comment uttered to me.. You have been wonderful ambassadors for your country. It just goes to show we are all ambassadors for our countries as one never knows who we are talking to or what blogs our comments end up on.

I have often wondered if I have been employed by the Canada tourist board, such has been the impression made by you good people on the Irish people.

I have coined a new phrase:

” I may be doing the running by running around the world.

But you are making it happen. ”

Atlantic Canada… Thanks a million for opening your wide and generous heart to this runner :)

Go Raibh Maith Agat.

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Christmas Day Interview With The BBC!

Sunday, December 19th, 2010

Mon. Dec.  20th. 45.5km / 28.3 miles.  Crawford, Maine, USA.

Tues. 21 Dec.   52.1km /  32.4 miles. Beddington.

Wed. 22 Dec.  40.9km / 25.4 miles.  Clifton.

Total for 49 Road days = 2,193.7km. = 1,363.1  miles

December 23-25th Christmas break in Clifton, Me.

I have been asked for an interview on a prestigious  programme for BBC Radio 5 Live on Christmas Day called ” Snapshot Christmas”

It’s about unusual things people are doing on Christmas Day! I guess Running around the world qualifies.

The show runs from noon to 1pm GMT. I believe their website is: http://www.bbc.co.uk/5live/

Anyone interested should be able to logon and listen.

I will be spending Christmas in Clifton, Maine with my new friends Pastor John and Deb Walsh

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In St. Stephen, New Brunswick. Site Of A Flooding Disaster This Week.

Sunday, December 19th, 2010

Fri. 17th   57.5km  Penfield.

Sat.    18th. 52.5km  Oak Bay, Near St. Stephen.

Sun. 19th  Rest day in Oak Bay, Near St. Stephen.

Total for 46  Road Days = 2,055.2 km = 1,277.04  Miles

Hi All. In the border town St. Stephen. Less than 10km from the USA border. I will cross over on Monday to complete my first foreign country of the world run.

I am in great spirits… Keep telling everyone that I feel I am on a long honeymoon with the love of my life :)

I am feeling strong. 52.5km today and 57.5 yesterday. The weather is much colder now with snow on the side of the roads. There is a bitter wind with a  serious wind chill factor but I am wrapped up and coping well.

On Thursday I stayed with a contact called Lawrence in Saint Johns.


It took me a hell of a long time to find my way to Lawrence’s place and would have taken longer had a  Mountie not pulled me over for… Yes you guessed it… Pushing a baby the wrong way up the highway.. Well when I told the officer what I was doing he just fell around the place laughing. Told me he was from Corner Brook, Newfoundland. It was just as well he pulled me over as he told me to exit and cross over to the other side as after that exit there was a non pedestrian bridge and had I missed it there would have been no way through which would have been a couple of hours wasted running. I would need to take highway 100 to escape the city.

Next morning it took me ages to find my way around the city and onto highway 100. I got directed by a man called Gary who works in a museum. Gary treated me to coffee and a muffin in McDonalds.

Towns are spread out a lot now. There are not many services. I was sitting on a crash barrier at the side of a road near Musquash having tea out of my thermos when a woman called Sarah stopped to say she was married to an Englishman. Said she had culture shock after a visit to Belfast. She gave me 2 bottles of juice and $20 for the charity. Thanks Sarah… 2,000km up… Special appeal to all those enjoying my blog to donate even $5 or 5 euro to AWARE…Christmas and all!

Last night I stayed in Pennfield in the home of Kara and her 2 young daughters Gracie and Cassidy. I knocked on her door and asked to sleep in the garage. I fixed my corner up and was setting my gear up when she called me in for tea and cookies. Then in the morning called me back in for breakfast.

Kara bakes the most incredible chocolate chip cookies I ever tasted. She gave me a batch for the road with a Merry Christmas message on the bag :)   along with half a dozen boiled eggs.

She told me how she met her truck driving husband,Brian. She had a baby boy from a previous relationship. Living with her mom she decided to try to find a house of her own. Well she came over to view the one she is in and when Brian who was selling it opened the door it was love at first sight… So much so he took down the for sale sign that day and  she moved straight in..

” So you never bought the house? ”

” No never did! I just married the most wonderful man ever..He just wore me down till I said yes”

“And we married on April fools day and had the service and a lovely meal here. ”

I stopped in St. George for coffee and a couple of pancakes. Got talking to a chap called Paul. Just as he was going he came over and gave me gave me the restaurants complimentary candy and told me my breakfast was taken care of.. I was so dumb that I didn’t realize he meant he had paid for it till he was half way out the door!

Later on another guy did a u turn to give me $10 for dinner! I was so cold taking off my gloves that I had to give him the money to put into my wallet and zip my pocket back up for me!

Tonight I am staying with a lovely couple called Charlie and Cindy who are an almost retired couple and very much into Harley Davidson motorbikes.

Charles and his Harley


 I just asked Cindy does she spell her name as Sindy or Cindy… She says Cindy but Charles the real biker would rather have me spell it SINdy!

Once again I knocked on their door and asked to sleep in their garage but they would not hear of it. I was brought right in for soup and sandwiches. They were truly delighted that I knocked on their door and shared so many of my experiences with them.

Sindy fussed and fussed over me and even offered me a rest day which I declined

This area is also suffering from a serious flooding disaster which occurred from torrential non-stop heavy rains last Monday and Tuesday when 170 mm of rain fell. This was on top of a very heavy snow fall from the previous week where many people were sent home from work. And snow falls have to be pretty bad for this to happen.

The problem was that the rain melted all this snow. The rivers overflowed as as the culverts couldn’t cope. This resulted in a backup created a disaster for the whole of Charlotte County, principally the towns of St. George and St. Stephen. over 400 houses were destroyed in the area. A national emergency was declared  in the area. Charles and Cindy have a clothes and food donation towards the emergency appeal. All of this in Christmas week too. The people are puytting on a brave face but they are devastated.

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In Hampton, New Brunswick 100 Miles to America!

Thursday, December 16th, 2010

Less than 100 miles to Maine and the USA border…. Yes MILES!   For the benefit of my American friends, and all my new Stateside followers I will be using both metric and the imperial miles systems during my USA stage of the World Jog.

Metric will of course be the dominant system and small imperial distances will be estimated with the exception of grand totals and important milestones which will be accurately calculated using the standard formula. 1 Kilometer = 0.621371192237334 Miles

I expect to cross the Canada/USA border on Saturday or Sunday. The American segment will probably take about 6 months to complete including my short timeout when I reach the west coast.

There is a possibility that I may be altering my USA route in the next week or so.  At present I am heading for Hudson, Mass. I may then run  directly west, Tennessee way to avoid the bad weather.

Sun. 12th Memramcook, NEW BRUNSWICK 39km

Monday 13th. 48.3km Salisbury. (Transit back to Moncton for the night.)

Tues 14th. 55km  Sussex.

Wed. 15th.  37km.  Hampton.        ( Transit back to Sussex for the night.)

Thursday 16th. 38km Saint John.

Fri. 17th   57.5km  Penfield.

Sat.    18th. 52.5km  St. Stephen.

Total for 46  Road Days = 2,055.2 km = 1,277.04  Miles

Sunday 12 December after a very late start I crossed the border from Nova Scotia to New Brunswick, my third and final Canadian province.

Now I am running towards the traffic and on the left side of the road. Since about a week there is also a large median separating the traffic. At times the median is huge and the other directions flow is behind a small hillock or even on a different level to mine. That’s why I haven’t had many signpost snaps lately and also missed the ‘ welcome to New Brunswick ‘ sign. I will try to get that on my side when I leave!

Alfred had a contact called Russ in Moncton. He had previously worked for Russ. It was arranged that Russ would come out onto the road at 4.30 to pick me up wherever I may be. I would photograph the location and continue from that exact same spot when he dropped me back on Monday. He picked me up at Memramcook East  about 15 km east of Moncton.

We stopped at the Running Room shoe store. The Running Room is a nationwide running store chain which posts the forum that looked after me so well in Newfoundland. As I don’t have a shoe sponsor I have to use every contact I can to get whatever discounts I can. Shoes are becoming a major factor. I have worn out 2 pairs and 2 more wont last more than a couple of days. So that’s about a pair every 500km! I bought 2 pairs in the Running Room and later Russ gave me an unused pair ( fortunately my size :) ) that he doesn’t like.

Russ is a very successful businessman, well connected. He came up with some very interesting ideas and offers of trying to source some PR and sponsorship ideas for my world run. We discussed this over a pizza dinner in a very nice restaurant, chosen because for the last few days I had been frothing at the mouth to get my teeth into some spicy triangles.

Next morning I am once again spoilt by Russ’s wife, Chris! Nothing is too much trouble for her.. A huge breakfast. Then big thick juicy sandwiches with a packet of sliced ham and cheese and what seemed like a huge saladbowl of crispy vegetables in between the whole wheat bread slices for the road!

As the family invited me to stay tonight also it was a rare oppertunity to run without Nirvana! Russ asked me to call him when I arrived at the Big Stop service station in Salisbury. It was a lovely day. So good to be able to run free, unhampered from the pushing and prodding to keep the buggy moving forward. Oh! how wonderful to be able to let out a stride. To alter my steps.  To swing my arms out wide. To rotate my hips and shoulders if I so wished! I didn’t go mad… Just ran a nice steady 9km per hour. I always have to think of the next day and want to avoid an injury at all costs. I am especially careful on the downhills.

I stopped at Magnetic Hill for a coffee. So called because if you park at the bottom of the hill, put on your handbrake you will have an optical illusion of the car driving to the top of the hill! Oh what a pity I don’t have Nirvana with me today!

I finally reached the Big Stop in Salisbury. 48.3km of pure joy! I bumped into a seaweed exporter that knows the west of Ireland so well as he pays regular visits to Galway. I meet all kinds! Giles kindly lent me his phone to call Russ.

So Russ arrrives and asks do I like steak!

My answer to questions like… “  Do you like…..?

Is…. ” You mustn’t read my blog as then you would know I eat everything… Even the carpet out the door!  :)

” Good we are having a bar-b-q tonight! ”

So the big juicy steaks are dished out! my iron levels are rocketing up! Chris says she will stick one in the fridge for me tomorrow… I told her about the moose hunter called charles in Deep Bight that said the same thing and then I went off without it :(

” No Tony you won’t need to set that reminder on your phone! ”

Chris went to pick up their daughter Emily from University in Halifax for the Christmas break today.

Russ says: ” Honey how was your drive today? ”

Chris says, ” It was great except we decided to stop for coffee on the way home and just followed half a dozen trucks off the exit to a ‘ cafe ‘

” It turns out they were driving off the highway to the weighing scales? ”

” Ha Ha! Did you weigh yourself? ” I asked.

” Very funny and we couldn’t get out we were stuck in there for ages as they had us blocked in! ”

I sent off a few emails and then we had a power outage due to a storm.

Next morning the power was still off but nothing was amis as Russ and Chris prepared breakfast using the camping gas stove and toasting the toast on the bar-b-q grill out on their back deck.

So I packed up again. Steaks, juicy sandwiches and all. Russ dropped me back to the highway where I left off yesterday. Before I left he gave me an mp3 player with all his music downloaded… What a family! Just incredible and as always, breaking up is hard to do.

Out on the highway I did another interview for another newspaper.

It was like an Irish October day, mild to blustery. Can’t believe how lucky I have been with the weather. A storm last night and I am indoors. I come out and see a whole streets Christmas decorations scattered all over their gardens. I keep hearing about snow dumpings behind me and in front of me but when Tony arrives it seems just like the parting of the sea that I experience a parting of the weather. Then I hear about a million pounds of snow landing on a sports dome in Minneapolis and 7 foot of snow in London, Ontario. I tune into the local talk radio show and they are talking about record highs here!! They actually guarantee the weather here on this radio show or you can win a Caribbean vacation! You wouldn’t get that in Ireland!

So I ran on with my belly full. I felt strong. stopped for a couple of breaks on the way to my 55km today as I arrived in Sussex. The Magic Letter DETAILS didn’t work in the local motel as they just offered me a $60 room for $40. I wandered on through the town and came to a construction site with dozens of trucks around. Went into the security man asking for a room like a changing room or a canteen to crash down on for the night. said he wouldn’t be allowed to because of safety regulations.. I was outside in the dark just getting ready to leave when he knocked on the window ushering me back inside. he was on the phone and when he got off said if I just needed some shelter that there was a covered bridge which was no longer in use just down the road. I went down and right enough it was like a big barn over a bridge which was gated off. Didn’t understand why someone would build a roof over a bridge but right now I was delighted they had!

I settled down to sleep at 9pm and slept till 8am. this is one good thing about camping.. A long guaranteed sleep..No typing on the computer like I am now till 3 am.

I had been thinking about trying to get to Saint John’s in one day.. It’s about 72km. An awkward distance. I don’t like half days or bits of days as mentioned before. To do it in one day I really wanted an early start as I have an invite in a home there and a late arrival would not be fair. I missed my early departure, whats new.

I was musing over this predictiment when Ciaran came into the service station. I was having my second coffee and cheekily mixing up some instant oatmeal for my breakfast from my thermos as I stood near the heater.

Ciaran told me he was born in Dublin but moved here when he was 3 years old. He said he saw the Irish flag on Nirvana yesterday. Quick as a flash he was on his phone to his dad, Des Mc Carthy who arrived a few minutes later. Des told me he is from Ballsbridge and has been living here for 25 years now. He works in the tea import business. So to cut a long story short it was arranged for me to leave Nirvana in the station. Des would pick her up later and I would be able to run free for the 37km to Hampton. I charged up my phone in the store room,took his number. Des would pick me up in Hampden.

Oh Magic! Another free-running day! I stopped again for coffee in a service station…As usual the attendants were gobsmacked!

I don’t think they would have believed me about running around the world if it was not for the logos.

” What you mean you are running around the world.. But you got no baggage only that little red satchel on your back and a water bottle in your hand?! ”

” I don’t need any baggage ! You know about those Tibetan monks that use the power of their mind to raise their body temperature when they sleep naked in the Himalayan mountains?

” What! ”

” Well I went to the same school as them! ”

” Oh by the way do round the world runners pay for coffee refills!! ”

” Go fill it up! ”

” Thanks Gotta keep warm! ”

So I ran on to Hampden.. Expected a service station to call Des but there was none. So I went on down the hill for about 10 minutes out of my way and went into Tim Hortons. I texted, phoned his mobile and his office no reply.

I didn’t know what to do. Then this guy comes over and says he knows a man from Ireland but not Dublin.. I tell him I hear that dozens of times a day but he says no… It’s true… This mans from the English side of Ireland! Just then Des comes in and they start talking.

He tells me he didn’t bother checking his phone as he knew where everyone goes to in town…. Tim Hortons…

Stranger running into town and I’m thinking Clint Eastwood couldn’t figure things out better in one of those spagetti westerns.

Then he asks me if I like curry!

” Do I what! That’s on my wish list… You got a new carpet too? ”

” Eh? ”

So we get back to Des’s place. Ciaran lives in Moncton and as luck would have it he was only up visiting for the day when he spotted my Irish flag to alert his dad.

Des’s wife Angela can’t do enough for me. She is from my area of Dublin, Sundrive and even used to go to mass in St. Bernadette’s.

The chicken curry was delicious, so too were the seconds and the apple pie and cream.

Angela works as a special needs teacher. It’s a tough job but the life is great here. Sussex a town of 4,000 has just 2 pubs which are hardly visited.

I keep hearing about how wonderful neighbours are in towns like this where they look out for each other. If one person has a problem, it’s shared. When someone goes on a holiday neighbours take it in turns to water their flowers also mind their pets and houses.

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Amherst Party

Thursday, December 16th, 2010

Alfred and his wife Denise couldn’t quiet do enough for me during my stay in Amherst!

In my last entry I mentioned Alfred picked me up at the new service station in Taylor’sStation. After a massive breakfast they dropped me back there on Friday morning for my run into Amherst.  The temperature was around zero degree C. The windchill factor made it about -10C. I was well wrapped up and actually enjoyed the 44km. Alfred and Denise stopped by around lunchtime with a delicious hot coffee.

I enjoyed my rest day in Amherst just chilling out and did a local newspaper interview.

Denise with the help of their 7  year-old daughter, Joanna were very busy preparing for a family house party on the Saturday night. So after I overloaded with about 6 kilos of snacks for the road Alfred brought me over to see his friend Michael for a coffee.

Michael seemed extremely interested in the World Jog asking unusual and specific questions. i got the impression he would love to be doing a similar trip but on a motor bike. Many people have told me that in many ways I am living out their dreams. He seemed to be a bit disappointed  he had to go to his bar job that night and not the party.

At the party there were 2 Chinese students. I quizzed them about routes and visas but they didn’t seem to be very sure.

I also had an interesting exchange with a Turkish student who couldn’t quiet understand why everyday is not a chore for me going out running a marathon plus.

” So what’s your favourite sport? ” I asked him.

” Rugby. ”

” And who is your favourite boyhood rugby team that you would just die to play for? ”

He names his team.

” Well today was road day 39 for me…. I am living my dream, would you feel it was a chore playing your 39th game for your dream team? ”

” A good point! ” he says.

There was so much good food there that I ate and ate and ate! Had a good laugh with many of the guests then Alfred calls me aside for a special introduction to the guests.

If that wasn’t enough he handed me a package and wished me a safe journey and a Merry Christmas. I said I would open it on Christmas morning but they were having none of that. I peeled open the package to find a pen with my name engraved on it in a pen case with the World Jog along with the logo on the case! I was gobsmacked, totally blown away. How thoughtful! And there were 2 of my favourite Big Turk chocolate bars taped either side of the case!

Next morning Alfred finds a card in the hallway from Michael. It’s a Christmas card and $30 dollars to buy lunch on him… What people!

It’s always hard leaving. Never easy. This is a fact of life of such a trip. It seems every week I meet at least 2 or 3 really incredible families. The Lushman family are no different…. The hardest part about travelling is leaving.

Alfred escorts me out to where I finished on Friday and then he pops up 5km later just before i crossed the New Brunswick borderline!

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6 Page Irish Runner Article On The World Jog.

Tuesday, December 14th, 2010

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