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The World Jog Thanks Chariot Carriers For Their Great Sponsorship.

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

I will be using a Chariot Cougar 1 Jogging stroller to push my equipment, food and water around the world
Chariot is a privately-held, family-run business who, through intense focus and determination, has earned the distinction of being the market leader in North America and many European countries. Parents around the world have been choosing our carriers for over fifteen years, citing the quality and innovation of our products, and applauding our attention to detail and customer care.
Designed as a child carrier with modifications that thrill joggers, bikers, walkers and skiers.

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Thanks To Dion Network’s Alan Young For Supporting The World Jog, My Dreams, Ambitions And Being My Best Crewman During My Racing Career. Your Advice Was Aways Rock Solid!

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

Dion Networks: Specialists in Elite Athlete Management, Course Measurement and Design,
Trekking / Travel Consultancy, Sports Photography.

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Countdown for freebird.

Saturday, September 25th, 2010

Every morning I hit the snooze button. Shattered I often just keep hitting it for over an hour. Eventually reality dawns as I slowly climb out of my lovely warm and comfortable bed. Soon this comfort will be traded for the unknown of life on the road. In a few short weeks time I will be climbing out of a tent and into the harsh Canadian snow. Life wont be so easy then,I will probably have to melt snow for my coffee. I can’t help asking myself just what I am letting myself in for.. Oh! For a quiet comfortable life… But I know that once I get going I will be fine.

Downstairs before the kettle is even boiled I am on the computer checking the never ending stream of emails that have to be dealt with. I reboil the kettle a couple more times and likewise reheat my porridge for the second time in the microwave. I am at the computer over an hour now and still haven’t had my breakfast.
More than 50 unopened emails in my inbox at the moment. Some are dependent on other replies.. Sometimes I feel I am chasing my tail as it’s so hard to get things done when some people don’t answer emails, they often say… ‘ October 25th that a long way off! ‘ Well I got to plan things from a long way out.

Eyes were opened recently when I went to renew my passport..

” How long is left on it?
” Oh! Only a year-and-a half! ”

The cupboards are becoming barer by the day as I use up food,throw out sauces, now I am starting to watch the expiration dates in a different sort of way. Last month I bought a small bottle of olive oil instead of my usual 500 ml size,it’s starting to hit home.

Finally I take my coffee over to the computer table. Carefully I place it down between a clutter of maps,pens and bits of paper with hastily scrawled notes and phone numbers. One of my next daily challenges is to stop the milk pouring over the laptop as I eat my porridge bowl in hand.

The washing machine is working overtime these days. I put on a small wash,always a small wash now. Most of my possessions are in storage,even most of my clothes and favorite running gear. Recently I went to a funeral service. So I had to go up to the attic for a nice pair of pants and black shoes. I was nearly going to throw those shoes out, thinking if I ran around the world I would surely deserve to wear the best of shoes for the rest of my life. Same with the car, only 68,000miles/110,000km on it. I am selling it on Tuesday for 300 euro quick sell.

Last Wednesday on the way to website night classes in Fas Ballyfermot a car clipped the car behind me. I was just passed a junction and stopped in heavy traffic. The hit car was also stopped. The driver that clipped it got out. Another insurance job here. I don’t think there was an injury involved,but you never know about further on down the line. I would have just sold it to him had it been mine he hit.. It could have been his lucky day had he hit me instead and then not have to lose his no claims bonus.Think I would have just given him the keys on the spot and walked across the Kylemore road to my class. Or had he been driving recklessly it could have been the end of the World Jog,faith I guess. I only got a 5 week class to get my head around this website stuff.

I look around the house,except for some clutter it looks well. I have just given it a three month total refurbish to a very high standard so as I can let it out long term hassle free.
With the rent I will just about break even with my mortgage repayments,if there are no major problems. I don’t care about it anymore. It’s been a nightmare,the most stressful 3 months of my life. It was literally a building site here. Furniture moved around,slabs of plaster board,paint everywhere,drilling,hanging mirrors,curtain rails,fire blanket,skips,door blocked and having to push my way through every single doorway,tiling,a new kitchen,bathroom,floors stained and polished,new carpet on the stairs. Every single ceiling and wall were skimmed then painted and a thousand other odds jobs.The leasing agency required me to get two ten year lithium sealed battery smoke detectors.Only place I could locate them was at the Liffey Valley Shopping Center.That was one of my ever dwindling training days. I ran out and back carrying them back in my satchel.

Long days and evenings, progress was so slow. Not eating properly,worried family brought me meals every day,I called them meals on wheels. I took iron supplements,dont think my doctor was in favor of this trip at first but he knew I was always going,no matter what. I have his blessing now as my energy levels have returned.
I never thought my last construction job would have been my own house and I would be the project manager,life can be so strange.
People are wondering why I am not doing the rounds of tv,radio and newspapers….I can’t even get the time to get into town to buy my equipment!

I mentioned in an earlier posting that the route direction has only recently been changed to an east – west direction. That meant I have had to research much of it again,post it along with a lot of other content on the website,bother Simon with dozens of emails learning about the basics of blogging,Flicker and HTMl also..It would have been easier if I was more technically minded. My Fas tutor has also been a great source of help, thanks John.

It has been so time consuming that I have not even had time to source more sponsors.

A huge thank you to The North Pole Marathon and Chariot Carriers. Thanks a million :)

Yes I remember walking those 4km to my office to sign. I could have cycled but walked instead. It was the 5th of July.The day before I saw Bob Dylan play Thomond Park. As I walked toward the office my Ipod asked me to play one of Dylan’s classic anthems:

”The times, they are a changin’,
The first one now will later be last,
The times,they are a changin’ ”

Instead I settled for a song by Lynyrd Skynyrd called Freebird I played it loud in my ears as I waited in the waiting room..You could always change your mind Tony,I thought. The door opened,I took the ear buds out,too late now….
I went in to the office to sign on the dotted line….
Ronnie Van Zant was still screaming out his lyrics:

‘For I must be traveling on, now,
‘Cause there’s too many places I’ve gotta to see….’

Thanks to my job redundancy cheque. Yes that was good. Sometimes its good being the companies most noted trade-unionist!
” There are a whole load of others in for redundancy before you Tony but you been such a good worker we will put you up the top of the queue! ”
” Thanks I will take that as a compliment…We have been good for each other ”

Hey Dylan you were wrong! I thought….Should have been:
”The last one now will soon be the first…
”The times they are a changin”

I picked up the redundancy cheque and said….” With this I will run around the world! ”
That and some savings will be the basis of much of this trip. That will do nicely. In many ways I almost didn’t get it as I would have probably quit the job this year without it. I always say The World Jog will have lots of PR… Porridge and Rice

No going back now Tony….You have effectively taken the first steps of The World Jog. I walked home with Freebird on repeat.

‘ I’m as free as a bird now….
‘ Lord knows I can’t change….’

I remember thinking as I walked home that beautiful day that with a bit of luck I could be gone in 6 weeks! Ha! Ha! that was optimistic.. Though I am very intimate with what is required to get to the start line,even so I am amazed there is so much last minute detail. I always thought I had it ‘ planned in my mind ‘ for over 20 years with just the last minute detail to be taken care of. It now seems that Marathon day will not only be my dream way to start but the first realistic start date.. I feel I will still be making arrangements right up to the very start. Oh! It will be great to start running around the world to have a rest!

I look at the countdown timer on this site. The ever ominous reading is 30 days,2 hours,28 minutes. Soon it will be counting up and not down.

One month left.What was I doing this time last month? Re-tiling the bathroom,my God that seems like only last week!

This time next month I will be on the course of the Dublin city marathon.. The World Jog will have started….Well not really till I get to the marathon finish line.

Freebird will be exchanged for Tom Petty’s… Running Down A Dream.

”Little Runaway, I was flyin’
Running down a dream.
Never would come to me.
Working on a mystery.
Going wherever it leads.
Runnin’ down a dream.”

Winning the Ultracentric 48 hour race in Texas 2008.
The race director never paid out the prize money to the winners.Google for details.

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Sunday, September 19th, 2010


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Thoughts around the ould Walkingstown triangle.

Saturday, September 18th, 2010

I had a lovely run this evening. Ran for about an hour and a half mostly around the Walkingstown triangle..It’s about 2.4km around.I ran it several times.Its one of my favorite runs.Sometimes I run it against the clock,it can be a decent workout.
Tonight I felt strong,in recent days have been a bit poorly,am trying to chase off a cold.

I seem to do a lot of good thinking and planning on these runs,also get some ideas but don’t always implement them.

Tonight’s idea is to >>> put out a call to anyone that can put me up for a night along my Irish route to Dunquin. <<<
Not expecting much,just a place to throw a sleeping bag..Me only..No crew.Feel I will be doing a lot of camping out in hedges and worse around the world but want to ease into it,especially in my own country. I will also be looking for contacts along my Canadian,USA or even world route! THEWORLDJOG@GMAIL.COM

I can hardly wait to start...It's now or never..I'm scared,Shit only 5 weeks to go!
Why am I making it so hard for myself?I will probably be running for a year and half through the Americas as far as Tierra del Fuego...That distance alone is a world run and there will hardly be any westerly gain!
A world trip only requires around 26,000km and 4 continents..I got nearly twice that distance..I think mine will be something between 40,000 and 45,000km,depending on the Asian route.
I wouldn't have it any other way...This is my dream route,it may be tweaked a bit here and there on the road - essentially this is what I want..

I also considered Africa, too problematic.The route would have been from Turkey to Egypt across North Africa as far as Morocco..
The African problem is Libya. It's effectively closed to overlanders, there is no realistic way around it,a guaranteed gap. Pity,could have gone north through Spain and run Europe northerly as far as Nordkap,Norway in the Arctic circle and then come back to Ireland via Iceland and Scotland.
3 years for sure. Gotta be honest..Impossible to tell how the body will react..It could be 4..

Two things are for sure: I am going to start when I cross the finish line of the Dublin Marathon...People ask me why the marathon finish line and not the start line? Well, the run has to finish in the exact same spot it started from. So, if I could time the finish of the world jog with a future Dublin Marathon...And I will try...It would be a really nice way to finish the trip. With a lap around my own city..That would be really nice :) Can't think too much of the finish...That would surely wear me down...And also....Gotta do it properly..One shot only.



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Pictures from the 48 hour world treadmill record.

Friday, September 17th, 2010

Thanks to my super crew man Alan Young for passing me on some photos of the world 48 hour treadmill record in St.Mels College, Longford,Ireland in August 2008.
Pictures Here

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Planned route for the World Jog which will be run in an east to west direction.

Tuesday, September 7th, 2010

I tried very hard to plan this run from a west to east direction. There were so many visa issues especially with Russia, Kazakhstan and China in particular.Regarding China, a visa agency and my own research told me that they generally issue an inadequate 1 to 3 month visa which has to be applied for before leaving home in Dublin. Then to complicated things further this Chinese visa may be difficult to extend and has to be activated within 3 months from the date of issue!

I understand that it is much easier to get said Chinese visa from Hong Kong with a longer stay duration as an added bonus.So by traveling west I will be approaching China from the ‘right direction.’

Kazakhstan is huge,one of the largest countries in the world. The standard visa is for just 30 days with no extensions.There is a shorter route through Kazakhstan through a series of about 5 former Soviet Bloc countries commonly referred to as ‘ the Stans ‘ into Turkey and then into Europe.

The Stans are a notorious bureaucratic nightmare even for a cyclist or backpacker let alone a plodder like me.

These countries have visa validations from 14 to 30 days with no possibility of an extension and often a wait of a precious week for this vital passport stamp is necessary.So that is a risky route.

Many of the Asian logistics have still to be worked out but my hope is that by the time I arrive things may be more straightforward with a more open society. Perhaps I will have made some vital contacts or other routes may open up to my feet? (eternal optimist)

I also want so much to depart on Marathon Monday, 25th October from Dublin. My projected pace would have taken me into Russia around January or February. Not a warm thought. I know I will have some very cold weather at the start of the world jog in Canada and the USA but I don’t expect it to be as bad as a Russian winter. It is so difficult to cover all factors.I also wanted to be traveling through the USA and my former home, Gods Country, Colorado towards the end of the world jog as opposed to near the start but as I have said its so difficult and compromise is necessary.

As soon as I resigned to running in a westerly direction my route immediately fell into place. Whereas,no exaggeration, previously I had chopped and changed my route in my mind over 200 times over the last 20 years or so.

My main aim with the route is to make it look as continuous as possible on a world map..I mean I could easily have gone from Ireland to say New York, D.C. Orlando or Miami, Florida and not many people would have raised an eyebrow – but for me that is not what I want.That is why I chose Dunquin as its the most western point in Ireland and Cape Spear,Canada as that is the most eastern point in North America.I envision the only gaps in this trip will be due to factors such as the road running out,visa refusal,ordered off the road by police or unforeseen dangers.

USA footnote: The 5 towns I lived in Colorado are: Fort Morgan,Brush,Gunnison,Crested Butte and Lake City just have to be run through. Heaven on earth :) I intend to take the scenic route through this state also visiting Estes Park,Aspen,Silverton and Leadville which is the highest town in continental USA around 3,500mt :)
From Colorado I head for the Grand Canyon, Death Valley and San Diego.

I intend to take a couple of ‘timeouts’ of about 2-3 weeks during the world jog.The first on will be at the end of the North American leg (Dublin- San Diego 8,252km)
I have already booked a flight from LA to Dublin for June 19th,you see :) :) U2 :) :) are playing in Anaheim on the 17th and 18th…Timing is everything!
I will then return and continue from the exact spot I left before.

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The genesis of the world jog

Friday, September 3rd, 2010

I just thought I would give a quick explanation of how the world jog has developed over the years. I first got the idea during one of those wonderful endorphined-filled runs in Dublin’s Phoenix Park over 20 years ago.That was before we had really light weight camping equipment.Everything had to be backpacked.It seemed so problematic to run,so instead I got thinking about walking.So,I planned a world walk 12 years ago.I got all my equipment,got the tee-shirts printed but never started the walk. I literally had the tee-shirt but never did it as they say.

The logo of the world jog is a modification of the world walk. I am kinda  proud of that design which came to me in a flash all those years ago.I have given this website designer serious grief to get it modified for this journey.Sorry and thanks Simon! who is a round-the-world-cyclist
The big black letters with the white stripe in the center signify a road with a hiking boot for the ‘L’ in world.

Runners and walkers don’t have to backpack their equipment,food and water anymore as we can push it in a jogging stroller,a buggy of sorts. I am being sponsored by Chariot Carriers and will use their Cougar 1  Jogging stroller :)

The original world walk tee-shirt from 12 years ago.This was before websites were popular.

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since Tony began his World Run on 25th October 2010

Please sponsor a world walk hotel night or a meal etc!You do not need a Paypal account, just a bank card! Press Paypal link below. Thank You :)

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About Tony

I have always considered myself to be an average runner. In school, I was even bullied for I was a sports wimp. Through hard work, dedication, perseverance, self-belief and a strong mind I succeeded in not only running around the world but breaking four ultra running world records during my competitive career. Having previously cycled around the world I didn't start running until I was almost 30. Then I had a dream of running around the world. For many reasons, I waited for over 20 years. One reason was to establish my pedigree as an endurance athlete. I started and finished my world run as the current World Record-Holder for 48 Hours Indoor Track 426 kilometres (265 miles), a record I have held since 2007. I also broke and still hold the World Record for 48 hours on a Treadmill 405 kilometres (251 miles) in 2008. When I retired from competition, more pleasing than any of my world, European or Irish records I had the respect of my fellow athletes from all over the world - in my opinion, sports greatest reward - an achievement I am most proud of. Then I finally put myself out to pasture, to live my ultimate dream to run around the world! This blog was written on the road while I struggled to find places to sleep and to recover from running an average of 43.3 kilometres or 27 miles per day for 1,165 road days. There were many nights I typed this blog on a smart phone, so fatigued my eyes closed. Many journalists and endurance athletes have referred to my world run as the most difficult endurance challenge ever attempted. During my expedition I rarely had any support vehicles, running mostly with a backpack. In the more desolate areas I pushed my gear, food and water in a cart which I called Nirvana, then I sent her on ahead to run with my backpack once again over altitudes of almost 5,000 metres in the Andes. I stayed in remote villages where many people had never seen a white person before. I literally met the most wonderful people of this world in their own backyard and share many of those amazing experiences in this blog. My run around the world took 4 years. There were no short cuts, I ran every single metre on the road while seeking out the most comprehensive route across 41 countries, 5 continents, I used 50 pair of running shoes and my final footstep of the run was exactly 50,000 kilometres, (almost 31,000 miles) I eventually finished this tongue in cheek named world jog where I started, at the finish line of my city marathon. I started my global run with the Dublin Marathon on October 25th 2010 and finished with the Dublin Marathon on October 27th 2014 at 3 05pm! Thank you for your support, I hope you can share my unique way of seeing the world, the ultimate endurance challenge! Read more...


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