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UVU is to be my new clothing sponsor.

Monday, February 25th, 2013


u versus u is my new clothing sponsor

As I approach the Australian Outback  while also having one eye on a forthcoming very cold Chinese winter I am delighted to announce and so proud to be offered a new clothing sponsorship by a company which takes its research and quality of products very seriously. The company is called UVU. Irish ultra runner and polar race organiser Richard Donovan is an ambassador for the brand, having helped develop its cold weather range. UVU is also the title sponsor of the North Pole Marathon.
UVU is a high end brand that caters specifically for the ultra runner or competitor in extreme environments. The name UVU means ‘U versus U’, i.e., the mental and physical battle that takes place during an ultra, where the mental must always win!
Please visit the UVU website HERE

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New Zealand Has Been Run – Puffing ‘n Bluffing into Bluff!

Sunday, February 24th, 2013

Or ends!

Country number 18 New Zealand has been run :)
52km today. Unofficial total 26,955km in 637 road days. NZ circa 1,600km in 37 road days.
Many thanks to my hosts Brian and Rose for last couple of days of fun and tonight to Paul and Grace in Invercargill.

Brian and Rose

They are an Irish couple from Leixlip who have been living here for three years. I don’t think they could have moved further from Ireland to any other place in the world, well other than Bluff 30km away.

Paul is working as an engineer on some of the Christchurch earthquake rebuild projects and regularly flies there from Invercargill on standby flights which cost less than the bus fare. So as I fly from Christchurch to Tasmania on Wednesday evening I have decided to take a standby flight with him on Monday morning which he says are so frequent that we are almost guaranteed to get away easily. In Christchurch he will be picking up a hired car and dropping me back  to my friends Valmai, Dave and Phil’s house. I tell you Irish construction workers get over here, there is heaps of work on the 20 year rebuild project.


At the South Islands and New Zealands so called ‘ Lands End ‘ in Stirling Point just beyond Bluff I touched the ocean by falling on my backside on the slippery rocks. :(  Well the Rolling Stones did unfairly call this area ‘ the arse-hole of the world ‘ when they rocked through here 50 years ago.

Near the end of the road in New Zealand

There at the bottom of the country I did an interview for the Southland Times. Taking my cue from Brian’s breakfast time joke I jokingly answered the question of what it feels like to be running more than a marathon a day with…

” It’s a bit like hitting your head with a hammer, It hurts like Hell when you are doing it and great when you stop :)  ”

Actually today was a very enjoyable 52km day due to my very early start, so early I was hanging back on the run a lot so as not to be too early for my 5pm media commitments.

The television cameraman  drove by set up his gear and got some really decent ‘ action shots ‘ at several locations on the highway. Then everyone drove on and left me wondering were they were on the long, winding picturesque and deceptive run towards and then through Bluff. The town looked so close but was so spread out to the far end that I was half an hour late for the interviews! I had hung back too much thinking I was closer than I actually was.


Then the actual interview for the local CUE television station a subsidiary of SKY 110 tv which can also be seen on Freeview ch 23 on Monday at 5.30 and repeated at 9.pm.

The interviewer having heard the newspaper interview asked me to answer in brief couple of sentence answers. Well that was ok for the first few answers but as regular readers can well believe it didn’t take long for Motormouth Mangan to warm up!

A lot of people were sightseeing in the Lands End area and were wondering what was all the media fuss about before I arrived.

Quick as a flash Brian told them.. ” They are looking for some Irishman who took a wrong turn in Dublin… Back in October….2010! ”

Then I ran up with a big smile.

At the end of the road in New Zealand with Brian, my latest daily new friend!

On the way to Paul and Grace’s house Brian attempted to show me the local sights…

Early morning flight back to Christchurch with Paul

” Hey Brian show me the yellow arches! ”  That was after we were thrown out of a closing pub that Brian told me we would get free coffee from. Well the hot chick there did give me free fish ‘n chips first!

On the way again Brian told me he has been living with Rose for 40 years and only proposed to her 4 years ago,

” You guys going on a honeymoon? ” I asked.

” I guess so, I gotta get to know her! ”

Thanks again to all the wonderful people of both island for making New Zealand so successful and an enjoyable running experience  :)

Then I had one last thing to do.. Touch the water.

This is just before I fell on my backside and that's where I differ from The Rolling Stones


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Television Interview

Saturday, February 23rd, 2013
My TV interview starts at 4.15 on the dial on this link  HERE
Hope it is good as I have no speakers on the computer I am working on now, so can’t listen just yet!

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Rest day on Saturday – New Zealand will be run on Sunday

Friday, February 22nd, 2013

26,903km in 636 road days.

Hi All I finished in Dacre today with a 52km day, Thurs 54km and a couple of lazy 42 and 43km days before that! It was starting to look like 4 days to finish NZ on Wednesday night complexed by my Saturday night Invercargill hosts Paul and Grace going away for the weekend. So I decided to run three big days that is two down and a 52km last day still to come. That is running the four days in three days instead. Because of this I wont be at a loose end on Saturday night, so I decided to avail of an offer from my kind hosts Brian and Rose Railton of a rest/office day on Saturday (first in 36 days!) Brian is Alan Knox’s cousin. I stayed with Alan in Auckland at the start of my run down the country. They live in Wyndham and picked me up at the end of today’s run where I will return to as early as possible on Sunday morning. A television crew will be coming out to film and interview my last – and am sure – tired steps in Kiwi land on Sunday! Sunday night I will stay with Paul and Grace in Invercargill before returning to Christchurch for my Wednesday evening flight to Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. I am thinking of running straight out of the airport when I arrive around 9am Thursday! My flight has a layover in Melbourne for a few hours so my Michael Gillan my Australian mainland support driver will be coming out to meet me in the airport during this lay over for a chat. We take on the great wide open, right through the middle of Australia around 11/12 March. I can hardly wait for this segment!

Any area runners that want to run with me on Sunday you are more than welcome. It is best to check my location on this blog - you will see my location once I start running – join in where convenient for you.

Sundays route HERE

 G’day mateys :)

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Perry and Carl

Tuesday, February 19th, 2013

Wednesday night 27 Feb I fly to Tasmania, Australia via Melbourne. I meet my mainland support driver Michael Gillan in Melbourne airport during my layover there.

Only a few hours before my arrival for the great Australian adventure… I can hardly wait :)

To view my Tasmanian and Australian mainland routes please press HERE

Many thanks to Valmai here in Christchurch for her wonderful hospitality and permanent use of her computer these last three days. One night she had to get up at 2am to use it!


After reading this posting please click back a few postings by the backtrack arrows to see my eventual picture updating. Sorry to all the people involved for this very long delay.

Also check these three old postings which are even further back for photo updates, just click on the following numbers.





I still got lots of picture updating for New Zealand in my previous posts. Here is my last report from The North Island. I have finished my blog text for the South Island also.

One of those glorious days on the North Island I ran 46km. The last 20km with Kiwi ultra running tough man Perry Newburn who recently circumnavigated New Zealand, all 5,000km of it in an astonishing 10 weeks of running along the perimeter of both islands! Averaging about 70km a day with no rest day. 70km seems to be a number Perry.

He put some much needed zip into my legs! see his website www.perrysruns.co.nz

Running with Perry

He told me he had to quit his job to do this run which he did as a fund-raiser for a children’s charity. All of his hotel nights were covered by hotels along his route.
I had a wonderful day. So too had Perry as for this run today he warmed up with a 70km yesterday and an ‘ easy ‘ 30 this morning. He tells me he recently ran a 30km race in 2 hours 50 minutes after running a full marathon to warm up on the way to the race. Stuff I used to do myself in my ‘ mad days. ‘
Once I remember being asked to work a Saturday morning, and really being obliged to work. I had a lot on that weekend so solved the problem of running my scheduled 32km run by getting up at 4am and doing a couple of laps in the Phoenix Park to arrive at the construction site in St. Vincent’s Hospital all warmed up and ready for work. I always ran to and from work in those days, as usual runners often get stick from co-workers or a foreman for this with the dumb attitude that you mustn’t be working hard enough if you still have the energy to run! So I always worked hard, worked my butt off, that way they could say nothing.
Many times even after finishing work at 6 or 7 pm or even later I would run anything from 32km to 50km midweek often finishing around midnight. A quick, snack, shower and into bed then up again early to run in for another days work!
Many races I ran to doing my own warm up or cool down later! A particular favourite was the Guinness half-marathon. I don’t know if they still got it now but in those days after the race they dished out small glasses of Guinness. The ‘ experts ‘ used to bring their own litre tankards and the smiling bartenders just filled them up to everyone’s amusement!
I remember one Saturday morning going out for a fifty mile training run! I  returned home many hours later. The next day a friend told me she saw me running twice in the same day, I laughed , naw.. It was just the one training session as she had seen me coming and going from my house!
In all I stayed in Perry’s house with him and his wife Kathy and 19 year old son Sean for three days.
Kathy told me how her family just upped and left from Lockerbie, Scotland when she was young girl. It seemed the community there put pressure on her mam and dad to leave as she had fallen in love with a young man of ill repute. This was not true, but a young gullible and heart-broken Kathy believed it and she left for New Zealand with her parents.Then we followed by running a very tough, hot, hilly 60km however the views were wonderful as we ran over Vinegar Hill. A friend of his kindly dropped us back to my route early that morning. My new great friend Perry pushed me all the way to his doorstep in Feilding.  I now have about 165km of the north island left to run.
The North Island set a high standard for the South Island. That afternoon Kathy drove out with sweets and cokes. We had dropped off our water supplies on the way that morning. Then a road maintenance crew mowed  one of our large bottles down when they were trimming the hedges!
Kathy had prepared us some tasty cheese and tomatoe sandwiches, yes it was nice to be running with runners again after runner lonely South America.
Perry even had time to go to the bank and guess what I was still running when he returned!I got an invitation from Carl who hails from Inchicore in Dublin. He lives in Wellington these days, so perhaps a Thursday night commute of an estimated 20/25km will be the way to go. I am hoping he will be able to run back to Wellington and the ferry with me on Friday
924km to be run on the south island as my flight has been booked from Christchurch to Hobart, Tasmania, Australia on Feb 27th. New Zealand’s immigration required me to have an onward ticket when before I could get on the plane from Fiji to Auckland.
After that a very early start to run a decent 38km, a shortish distance as I wanted to return to Perry’s house early am for an office day of sorts.  It was another wonderful run! I felt great as I ran out from the house very early as yesterday we finished on his doorstep.
Perry drove on ahead a few km at a time and then after parking his car. He then kept running back to me to run on towards the car and so on till I finished at 10am as I need to do a lot of work today. I was delighted by my mornings run, thanks PerryMany thanks to Perry and Kathy for putting me up these last three also I a Radio New Zealand interview over the telephone from their house.
I mentioned during the radio interview I was looking for a place to stay in Otaki the following night, nothing happened.

Perry leading the way to the ferry.

So I ran into that town I stopped in a Chinese take away and got fed up waiting for them to put more food out on the help yourself buffet. They had only rice and noodles, no meat. As luck would have it was a good decision for me to leave that cafe because I went down the road to a fish n chipper. A man called Rhys came in gave his order. I asked him did he know was there a backpackers hostel around. He asked me if I was called Tony as his work mate Carl’s work who is my host tomorrow was talking about me in work that day.
 I got invited back to his house.
He and his wife Kathy and son Jamie gave me a bed for the night in their lovely home.
In the morning Rhys took my picture , printed it out and left it on Carl’s work desk for a laugh.Laughing he told me he and Carl like to play jokes on each other and he had just got one up on him.

Rhys, Kathy and Jamie

 He also gave my pack to Carl so I didn’t have to run with it.
I ran a very tired 40km that day finishing about 33km from Wellington, New Zealand’s capital. Many years ago the capital was shifted from Auckland as may of the politicians were complaining in the south island how travelling to the far north island was too far and the state capital should be more centrally located.
New Zealand as mentioned before has a population similar to Ireland’s 4.5 million and much larger in size than the UK. One third of the population live in Auckland. So the rest of the country , so large has the balance, many of which live in Christchurch, Wellington and other smaller cities. It is difficult for New Zealand to pay for its large infrastructure with such a small base of perhaps 1 million tax payers when you consider the retired, young and sick. This is perhaps one of the reasons why the roads are in such a bad state and potholes aside New Zealand’s roads are probably worse than those I have run on in Latin America. The roads are also incredibly busy and poorly signposted.
At the end of that day Carl ran out to me and we ran a few kilometres together. He works as a photocopier technician as I once did, so we had a grand old chat about paper jams, hot rollers, and corona wires no not food and drink :)

Sharp dressed man!

I stayed two nights with him and Rebeca his Kiwi partner of twelve years. They met in Dublin when she lived there. Now they want to go back to Ireland after living here for nine years. Delicious pasta for dinner, thanks Rebeca, a wonderful cook!
Carl is also a runner and has tried his hand at running a 24 hour race and acquitted himself really well for his first day long run. Many more to come he tells me.

Carl and Rebeca

He wants to join Perry for a few hours when he makes a bid to be the first runner to run around Lake Taupo twice back to back, in about three weeks time. Each lap of the lake is 161km or exactly 100 miles. A few weeks later I heard Perry ran his double loop of the lake over 320km in 46 hours, a decent distance for a man three years older than me!
I reckon Carl looks up to Perry as a sort of father figure. Carl will be in good company when he returns to Ireland to live in a few weeks as he is already entered for the Belfast 24 hour race this summer. Good luck to him a nice man.

Running with Carl

On my second day staying with him I was dropped back to my previous finish and ran to the ferry port in Wellington to finish off the North Island. I held back and ran slowly that day so as Karl could join me for the last five km after he finished work.
That afternoon I ran by many strange signs in Maori.

Glad I dont have to give this address too often, and its only the town name!

Then I ran by a farm selling horse poo.. I kid you not. And it was an honesty system. The bags of horse poo are just left outside the farm gate. The poo purchaser then just drops their money in a box!
Lets just hope everyone is honest and the cops are not called in to gather evidence!
Yes and with all the horse meat controversy going on in Europe at the moment perhaps the dealers in Dublin’s Moore Street could make a bit on the side!
” Get yer last of the horse poo! “
” Young fella (and they say young fella or son to even fifty year old men with beards), did you get any horse poo?
” Your Ma or girlfriend will love ya for it! “
” Going cheap, Last of the horse poo now! “
Anyway its supposed to be good for your garden!

Young fella... Get the last of yer horse poo!

After he finished work Carl tracked me down and ran with me through the city streets all the way to the ferry. Interislander Ferries had given me a complimentary crossing to the South Island after Perry phoned a contact there that had helped him on his run through the islands. The contact was an Irish woman Liz Sweeney from Co. Roscommon, thanks Liz!
Tomorrow I will take the ferry to the South Island, I will leave with a touch of sadness, it was wonderful here but for me the road rolls out on the other side of the Cook Strait. My route on the south island will 924km along the east coast from Picton to Bluff via Christchurch…

With lady in Interislander terminal and Carls mascot Norman!

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More detailed Tasmanian and Australian mainland routes

Monday, February 18th, 2013

I have modified my Tasmanian route for a more populated route

Tasmania Route HERE

Australian mainland route press HERE

Not much in the north! As mentioned before, for the Australian mainland route I will have a support driver, Michael Gillan! Thank you Michael :)

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Worlds steepest street… aka Baldwin Street in Dunedin

Monday, February 18th, 2013

I ran a wonderful 55km today, such spectacular views along the coast road then over Mt Cargill pass, though only 400 mts the climb was still a toughie! It was worth it as the descent was… C’est magnifique! Before that and after my host from last night Andrew dropped me back to yesterdays finish in Palmerston I stopped for breakfast in his house with his wife Cherie. Andrew took my pack onto Dunedin where he is a teacher. Heidi who is Andrew’s colleague in the school and her husband Derek are spoiling me tonight here in Dunedin. I appreciate this so much as they have their hands full with 3 month old Luca! At km 54 of today’s 55 I ran by the foot of the ‘ worlds steepest street ‘ aka Baldwin Street. 135 metres long it has a 1 in 3.5 gradient and at it’s  steepest section is a 1 in 2.5 gradient. During the towns festival there is a race up and down the hill called the ‘ gut burster ‘ Remember this was at km 54 of 55, did I run up and down the gut buster? Well wait till I eventually get caught up with the blog proper to find out. Total: 26,712km for 632 road days. 32 consecutive since Auckland.
My route for the rest of the South Island press HERE



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Update from Elmwood Farm, Morven.

Friday, February 15th, 2013

Tonight Friday I am staying on  Geoff and Glenda’s farm. Nice people they took me inside for a bed for the night, fed me a delicious dinner when I stopped by just before a rain shower to ask if I could sleep in their barn.
Also on Wednesday I stopped in the Chequered Flag Cafe Bar in Rangitata just for a snack. The Dutch and English owners Cor and Linda offered me a bed for the night. Many thanks to all and also thanks to all those helping move my pack along the road.. Friday 43km, Thursday 53km Total 26,566km for 629 road days. Thanks to Alan Knox’s cousin Brian for his invite in Wyndham, Andrew in Waikouaiti, Paul and Grace for offer in Invercargill. Roughly 370km left to run on the South Island, I expect to have NZ run by the 23/24th Feb without a rest day!

Tomorrow Sat will be a new record 30 days straight on the run, Everyday is like Christmas Day, even if I sometimes get tired of the ham and turkey! I’m loving it like…. a huge whopper :)

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Still running south

Wednesday, February 13th, 2013


I still got some blogging on the north island to catch up on in addition to my first week on the south island, in addition to adding the photos.

I just churned this entry out tonight when I had a rare internet opportunity.

It took me a while to clear Christchurch. I ran with a bit of sadness having just visited the center of the city to see what looked like a war zone. The devastation from the fallout of the February 2011 earthquake in which some 160 people lost their lives, homes, business not to mention all the jobs and economic losses. It was a surreal scene walking through the devastation  through a city center ripped apart at the seams. Many people were walking around with cameras, last time I experienced such a sadness was when I visited the scene of New York’s former Twin Towers.

It seems the only winner is surely the construction industry which have a 20 year rebuild time frame. Many elderly have upped and left, they obviously cant wait for services as many young are prepared. I read that many construction firms cant get enough workers and rely on backpackers to fill the many vacancies. These construction agencies are advertising in Ireland and the UK at employment expos. I have been told there is a huge Irish community here working on the rebuild.

That night I made it to Rolleston 28km run after such a late start. I slept behind the BP petrol station on their picnic bench. I left my pack in the office just in case.

The next morning I was having a casual conversation with a very nice couple who said the were going to Ashburton on business, 50km away they said and after I asked them to drop my pack off at the BP station there I realized it was 61!

I always carry my summer sleeping bag in a waterproof bag slung around my shoulder, just in case I don’t make my destination. People may wonder at me handing over my possessions to strangers. Well I dont have many valuables in the pack, more the inconvenience of replacing them should I make a mistake. I usually ask someone who I have already been talking to and say how much I appreciate their help, photo them saying its for the blog with registration number of the vehicle if possible. I usually ask them to text me the drop off location and have them ring my phone there and then so as I can save their number, just in case I have a problem. Having said that I don’t always do all this, it depends on the situation but I have become an astute judge of character and am finding people only too delighted to help when I tell them what I am doing. After I get their drop off text I reply saying they have done more than their bit to help me run around the world :)

That days run to Asdhburton was a tough slogger of a day. After about 32km I came to the Rakaia river which meant I had to run over New Zealands longest bridge, a very narrow 2km bridge which had me sprinting between the gaps of heavy traffic. This was pretty scary stuff as often I had to jump off the bridge and onto the half meter pedestrian footpath whenever a vehicle approached. The fun started when trucks came from the front as well as the back. Everyone was in good spirits, the only honk I got was a ‘ good on ya matey ‘ honk from a trucker that held back from behind to let an advancing truck pass. I couldn’t help reflecting on those terrible drivers of southern Peru. Had this been there I would have been blasted off the bridge!

Over the bridge and into a cafe I went for a double one, no not whiskey, an ice cream which I felt I deserved. I had been fairly worried about this bridge and many others in New Zealand, this one in particular and this was the reason I did not take Nirvana with me across New Zealand.

That night I slept under fir trees in a park in Ashburton, shattered!


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In Christchurch – Help required running south!

Sunday, February 10th, 2013

Hi All!

Thanks to my very kind host  Valmai here for putting me up and accepting my 3 packages sent here including running shoes number 32 as last pair were run into the ground right up  to Valmai’s door last night  with a hole in the heel!

Christchurch has suffered a lot due to 2 relatively recent earthquakes in recent years.  In September 2010 a 10 minute rattle of the city caused much damage but as it occurred in the middle of the night miraculously nobody was killed. A second earthquake occurred in February 2011 in the afternoon which unfortunately took the lives  of around 160 people. This lasted just 18 seconds and caused significant damage to the cities infrastructure and peoples homes.

So obviously people are still dealing with these issues. I saw much of the damage on the run into the city, a city in rebuild mode. I understand there are significant as these tradespeople can’t find work back in Ireland.

I do not have internet service on the run as I cant be bothered with the constant hassle of keeping an Iphone charged up not to mention the many stops to keep checking it and am not going to have a second phone because of the lack of charging up facilities, so please, please if anyone is offering me a place to stay or wants to meet for a chat or run on my route south towards Bluff please TEXT me 021 08437842

I got a place in Invercargill, thanks Paul and Grace!

I got so many emails after 9 days and with a slow internet connection cant respond, or even open many important ones, sorry for this!

Anyway I expect to have NZ run within another 2 weeks all 610km of it. So far I have run around 26,045km in 624 road days. The last 24 without a rest day all the way from Auckland, I may just continue that streak all the way to Bluff. I have a flight to catch to Tasmania on 27th, so far so good :)

Gotta Run!

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