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Stadium Saturday Radio Interview

February 22nd, 2015

Please press HERE  and tune to 25 minutes 30 seconds on the dial to hear my recent interview about the run.


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Valentine Interview

February 13th, 2015

I have been asked to give a radio interview tomorrow Details Dear Tony, I hope this finds you well? I’m writing to invite you onto the radio show, Stadium Saturday on Dublin City FM, this Saturday February 14th, for interview and recap of your amazing achievements. Stadium Saturday is a mix of sports and entertainment and is broadcast live from LaFayette Cafe Bar on Westmoreland St every Saturday between 1 & 3pm on 103.2 Dublin City FM. As the show is broadcast from an outside location we require our guest to do the interview in person. I look forward to hearing from you.

Talk soon :)

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Talk the talk!

February 13th, 2015


Am making decent progress on my book! The problem is I have over a million words on my blog and other stuff I kept back. I never realized I talked so much :)
Speaking of which there are a few tickets left for my world run  presentation on Thursday. This will include a talk, photo show and a q&a session. In Run Logic running store Essex St, Temple Bar at 6:30. Please book your ticket on runlogic.ie 20 euro including refreshments


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Tea at the Mansion House

February 8th, 2015


With sister in law Norah Mangan, Brother in law John Salmon, sister Ann Salmon, my Mam Sheila, Dublin Lord Mayor Christy Burke, me, my brother Brian, nephew Brian Mangan Jnr..and God-daughter Laura Mangan

On Friday we had a nice time in the Mansion House with Dublin Lord Mayor Christy Burke!

I presented the great man a limited edition poster of my world run which has my route and all 41 countries run listed.
A long inscription because he deserve it!
” I ran the roads of the world always proud to be Irish, proud to be a Dub! 
Thank you Lord Mayor Christy Burke for your great community and humanitarian work in Dublin, my city, capital of my country. I salute you, wish you could ‘ Keep On Running ‘
Best wishes Tony Mangan


Christy says he is a no nonsense politician who doesn’t hang out with the blazers. He pulls up his sleeves and gets stuck in rather than sipping pints at the Dail bar.

His legacy will be the fastracking of shelter and services for so many homeless people. He often patrols the city streets late at night providing food and a friendly ear for many addicts and other people down on their luck.

On a lighter note he says if he manages to get a statue to late Dubliner musician Luke Kelly erected he will be delighted.
While we waited Brian entertained us on the piano

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Thanks to Outsider Magazine for ‘ Person of the Year ‘ award!

February 1st, 2015

Last Thursday I was honored to be presented with the Outsider Magazine ‘ Person of the Year ‘ award for my 50,000km run around the world!
It was a very enjoyable night meeting so many of my friends from running and other adventurous sports.

Thanks also to my sister Ann Salmon and my mam Sheila for their support

The event was held in the Generator in Dublin’s Smithfield. This was about a mile from home. There was a snow flurry and mam was worried about me making my way there on foot!
” Only a mile and I have run 31,100 around the world, across 6 deserts, an American winter and a central American monsoon season mam! ” I replied.

The competition was fierce with 9 other nominations for athletes who have pulled off remarkable feats. So need less to say I was delighted to win the ‘ Person of the Year award, The top award.

With a couple of old friends Maurice Mullins one of the original pioneers of ultra running in Ireland and John O’ Regan.


I mentioned in my acceptance speech that having the respect of my fellow athletes now and during my competitive career has always been more important to me than any record or achievement :)
Thank you everyone for the nomination, to those that voted for me and to Roisin Finlay editor of Outsider magazine. Also thanks to the awards sponsors Trident Holiday Homes for your kind holiday voucher! Thanks to Great Outdoors and Cotswold Outdoor.

I promised myself a holiday and haven’t managed to take it yet, but will do so soon!
Also thanks to the faith my and kindness my sponsors had in me, Great Outdoors, Runlogic and Richard Donovans North Pole Marathon company aka Polar Running Adventures.

With Maurice Mullins who won a lifetime achievement award for his unselfish dedication to others during his lifetime in the sport of ultra running.


These days I mostly post on my Facebook page, please friend me.

Press HERE

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Irish Runner Questions And Answers Article

January 7th, 2015

Here is a questions interview I did for the Irish Runner Yearbook Magazine.

Press >  MANGAN  To read.

The interview was a follow up from the previous issue. So if you haven’t read that either Press > >  TonyMangan_Layout 1 (1) to read my first interview.

If you got time to listen to a 25 minute radio interview I did a couple of months ago press >  HERE I was very happy with this one as he gave me the time!

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A Record For Honest Sport!

January 3rd, 2015

These days I mostly post on Facebook. If you are not my friend please friend me!




I forgot to mention that a couple of weeks ago my friend Edit Berces emailed me these photos. Thanks to Edit for this and also she gave me some great help when I ran through Bratislava on my world run last summer www.theworldjog.com
As you can see she is the female world 24 hour treadmill record-holder. :)
Well done Edit who was also a great friend of mine during my competitive career.
More important than any record I have always considered respect from fellow athletes to be infinitely more important.
My 48 hour world treadmill record from the Longford marathon expo still stands.

Most ultra runners ‘ in the know ‘ have little or no respect for Guinness World Records due to their many bizarre ratifications and their seemingly poor judgement within our sport. The ultra running community recognizes The Alternative Book of World Records as the official record book for the sport as they have more cop on. The IAU ( International Association of Ultrarunning ) being the governing body ratifies competitive world records..
The Alternative Book of World Records don’t  ratify cheats like Suresh Joachim who as you can see managed to acquire the GWR 24 hour. The Alternative Book of World Records is also the book the WRA World Runners Association recognizes due to their higher standard required for ratification which catches out more self-centered cheats.
I know of Joachim very well for I witnessed video footage of him holding the rails while  ‘ breaking ‘ my original 48 hour record from 2003 which was set at the Dublin Marathon expo in Dublin’s RDS..

Amazingly GWR said holding the treadmill rails was not against their rules!!!!!
This holding on to the bars effectively pulling oneself marginally off the treadmill belt dramatically reduces the running effort required!
However any honest runner worth their salt would say holding onto the rails like its a zimmer frame is cheating -  rules or no rules. That is except for ‘ Joker Joachim, ‘ also a very high-profile American ‘ stunt runner ‘ and GWR,
So it was with great pleasure I hammered ‘ his record ‘ running with an injury but highly motivated to get ‘ my ‘  record back not for me but for sport from a serial cheat! Immediately before that record attempt began and as soon as it ended this dedication was announced.
So at times like this it is so nice to still be included in the GWR book of world records :)
Making this possible I have to thank my amazing crew man Alan Young who was help by John and Mark Salmon and other members of my family. Also thanks to the Longford marathon race director Liam Fenelon and his dedicated team team for their wonderful hospitality and logistical help!!  This record run left Joachim saying how sorry he was to have ‘ lost his record! ‘
Long live sport, honest athletes, crew, volunteers and race officials. My Kind Of People! :)


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Twisted minds and ideology

December 18th, 2014

On my gallop around the world I wrote many times on this about the wonderful kind and decent people in our world of all religions and what an amazing place we live in. The world is full of beautiful people but unfortunately a select few, as in so many walks of life make problems for the rest of us.
I have a heavy heart for the recent victims in the Sydney siege and then the following day another mindless  inhuman atrocity in a school in Peshawar, Pakistan.
The perpetrators of this evil terror, with their perverted twisted minds and ideology claim to carry out these barbaric deeds in the  name of Islam which is fundamentally a peaceful religion. They say they cause this carnage to rid the world of western evil. Surely they have another agenda for peace , love and humanity is beyond their limited comprehension.
Many of Islams beliefs, practices and culture may be different to our own in the west, however we are all human and have the same emotions. At the end of the day we are all cut from the same cloth and share the same heart ache today. It is our differences and our diversities which makes our world so interesting, or at least it should.
Last month world wide in almost 20 countries terrorist barbarically butchered 5,000 innocent men,women and children in the name of religion, or so they claimed to. To my mind this jihad self righteous intolerance is a  abhorrent cancer to our society.
With their swords and bombs. Even with what that self styled cleric said in Sydney – with his pens and words these subhuman beings do a grave disservice to Islam and the countless peaceful Muslims who only want to live in peace.
Alarmingly in Europe many people are marching against Islam and even in Germany fascism is raising its ugly evil head again.
Muslims should not be tarred by the same brush, After all Irish people never liked to be labelled as terrorists because of the murderous actions of the IRA.
Whatever God that is out there,  please give us a peaceful 2015 and a tolerant world in which we can all live side by side in respectful harmony. This is my New Year wish.

UPDATE: PS   I am still very tired. It’s 51 days since I finished running around the world and the stiffness is still in my legs. This stiffness is still there since the very first marathon over four years ago! Yes that stiffness never left my legs.  Perhaps a full recovery will take a year!

These days I post more on my Facebook page  than here. Please visit.


I got a lovely presentation from the Dublin Marathon organizers and also got recognition of the run from Dublin Bay Running Club. This Sunday21st December  my running club MSB tell me they will make a presentation to recognize my global run at our annual Doyle Cup Christmas race. Thank you very much everyone :)   This means so much to me.

At the moment I am working on sorting this blog for the book.

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Strength doesn’t come from what you can do.

December 18th, 2014

Strength doesn’t come from what you can do.
It comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn’t.


If anyone needs New Year motivation …. Well done to Ireland’s Andy Lee the new WBO middleweight boxing champion of the world! Speaking on his arrival back in Ireland after last weekends thrilling victory in Las Vegas he was quoted ” Any young kid can become a world champion too. ” Andy finally achieved his life long dream Well done Andy. I am reminded of Nelson Mandela’s immortal words ” A winner is simply a dreamer who never gave up. “

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The Little Big Bike – As Seen On The Late Late Toy Show!

November 30th, 2014


Thanks very much to Simon Evans my webmaster for  some updating work on this website :)
As Simon previously cycled around the world he surely knows a thing or two about bicycles. Just like me when he got home he was probably wondering what to do next.
Well Simon didn’t sit about too long before putting an idea for a new design of a child’s bicycle into action.
As seen on the Late Late Toy Show by 1,500,000 pairs of eyes this bicycle grows with the child. One of these bicycles is yours to be won please see.


LittleBig is the bike that grows with your child. Designed in Ireland, the LittleBig bike transforms from a little to big balance bike into a pedal bike so it suits kids from age 2 to 7.
Check out their Facebook page https://facebook.com/littlebigbikes are giving away a free LittleBig bike, Competition ends Friday!

Simon is also available for website design.

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