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Thanks yet again to Richard Donovan for my support car!

September 20th, 2014

Thanks yet again to the North Pole Marathon and my great friend Richard Donovan for ongoing support of the run. Richard has very generously sponsored the hire of the support car which is driven by Siobhan and our expenses for the Irish lap. :)

Richard’s North Pole Marathon website HERE  is known as the ‘world’s coolest marathon’. He also organises the Antarctic Ice Marathon & 100k www.icemarathon.com at the other end of the planet, which was Lonely Planet’s top marathon pick for adventure travel in 2014. Richard’s Volcano Marathon HERE in the Atacama Desert is one of the highest marathons in the world and was recently listed by British Airways as the second most scenic marathon in the world, one place behind the North Pole Marathon!

Richard it was great seeing you at the Dublin port last Saturday. I look forward to running into and out of Galway with you in about nine days and a rest day, my first since London three weeks ago.

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The World Runners Association

September 18th, 2014
A new international governing body for the sport of world running, The World Runners Association, is due to be established next month. It will be the authority that decides on the authenticity of world runs and ratifies world records. As I understand it, when I finish my world run I’ll be the provisional holder of the world record for the Longest Circumnavigation run of the Earth on Foot, and this will be officially ratified by the WRA in the weeks after I finish. More info as it comes to hand.
Things still going well and very lucky with the weather, no rain! Siobhan doing a massive job in the support car :)
Siobhan is Chief Executive of Blue Bubble Marketing.
Please see www.theworldjog.com/blog
48,598km for 1,120 road days.  =  1,151.74 marathons.

If you can help with a place to stay on our route as posted a few posts ago please email: siobhanclifford42@gmail.com

Siobhan is doing a great job updating the run on Facebook, so please befriend Siobhan Clifford

Everybody welcome to run anytime.

Thanks to our Belfast host Liam McGarry for accommodating us for two nights. Also great to meet up with my former Irish 24 hour team mate Marty Rea.
Had a great chat with Marty who runs a lot of marathons as a pacer. He just happened to mention that when we ran the world 24 hour championships in Taiwan how hard it was to run slower for the longer distance as he is a very fast marathon runner. Casually he mentioned he ‘ ran the first 100 miles chatting with Eoin Keith and said they need needed to start concentrating on the race!  ’
Siobhan gave him a funny look as though he was talking about a Sunday morning stroll!! Liam chipped in with ” That must have been some chat! “
Also thanks to Carrickdale hosts Kinga, Lloyd, Rose, Maeve for another two nights.
Running into Lisburn I got talking to a man who asked me what I was doing.
” I am from Dublin and I am running around the world! “
” When did you start? ” asked the man.
” October 2010 ” said I.
” Has it taken you that long to run from Dublin!! ” said he.
And same to Fergus and Barbara Owens we had a wonderful time staying with my great friend and his wife.

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Some more media – Great support continues

September 15th, 2014

hi Everyone. Had a wonderful 50km day, Sunday including the 10km I didnt finish yesterday due to so much stopping and perhaps a bit drained from the emotional wonderful reception I received in Dublin Port. I also did not sleep in Holyhead port on Friday tue to the excitement! Thanks to everyone for coming out to greet me.
Today I finished as scheduled in Dunleer and enjoyed running with members of the local clubs. Thanks to my hosts Fergus Owens a great supporter to the blog and his wife Barbara. We also commuted back tonight. We as in my great crew person Siobhan Clifford who has thrown her public relations company Blue Bubble Marketing behind the Ireland lap. At this weary stage Siobhan is a God sent to me! Thanks also to Fergus for running 50km, now an ultra runner! And to Siobhan’s husband Billy for running about 40km. Also special thanks to Eugene and David for running with me. My wonderful homecoming reception actually made ITV news over in the UK!! To view press this link below


Another story



Photos press



Total run 48,466km
Many thanks to Stena Lines for a complimentary ferry passage from Holyhead to Dublin and to Stenas very helpful staff for understanding I needed to run through the terminal which I did under escort!
Also special thanks to my great friend and main sponsor Richard Donovan for kindly sponsoring the hire of our support vehicle, petrol and our other expenses. I will do a proper acknowledgement for this amazing generosity soon.

See you on the road on Monday from Dunleer to Carrickdale Starting around 9am from the welcome to Dunleer  sign south side.

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Video Of My Arrival In Dublin

September 13th, 2014

Hi everyone!

I am now back in Ireland and what a reception I received. I have linked a couple of videos below. The first one was my arrival and the second my speech.

After this very emotional reunion with my family,friends and supporters too many wonderful people to mention, I would be afraid of leaving someone out!

I did some interviews and a photo shoot. Then we went for a delicious brunch. Eventually the Ireland lap began, Many stops for much reminiscing around the areas where I grew up in Dublin. The lap of Ireland began I ran with a group of about eight runners and supporters.

Press HERE to view my emotional arrival video in Dublin

And press HERE to view my thank you speech!

Thanks to runners Kevin Scanlon, Ash, Serena, Gary, Mark, Aoife, Billy and a tough Bulgarian marathoner!

A most memorable day, I will have to post the photos at a later stage. We stopped at John Kavanagh’s  Pub better know as an old hangout for one of my earliest ultra running influences, The much traveled Kavanagh Striders.

I tell you Eugene Kavanagh could talk for Ireland!!

From there to Finglas village and out the north road N2/135 towards Ashbourne.

Due to so many stops and a late day we didn’t make it to Ashbourne. We finished at The White House in Fingal.

Tonight Siobhan, Billy her husband and myself are receiving wonderful hospitality from one of my greatest supporters to the run Fergus Owens and his wife Barbara

Thank you all so much :)

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Run For Home

September 13th, 2014

Lindisfarne’s ” Run For Home ” has always been my anthem during my competitive career and for this world run also.

The song was played at the start of all three of my world treadmill record attempts and also timed to start playing with 4 and a half minutes from the end of those runs just as I was pumping very hard for as much distance as possible. I remember very well the crowded`arenas with so many friends and family singing the song with great gusto just before I finished.

Ah yes they were great days and tomorrow too :)

The lyrics always  seemed so perfect for even then I knew that one day I would set out to run the world, eventually returning home, running for home.

I am reliably informed it will be played at Dublin Port tomorrow. Making this post brought a lot of tears to my eyes tonight and I am sure many more in the morning!

Press HERE to hear Run For Home, My anthem.

Please read FOUR new posts below!

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Ireland Route

September 13th, 2014
Day Date Day Route Brief Description Shortest Distance Overall Distance
1 13/09/2014 Sat Dublin Port to Dublin marathon start line in Fitzwilliam place to Ardee St, to Grey St.to Meath St. to Thomas St..to Church St. to Gravediggers Pub, Glasnevin To Finglas Village to Ashbourne. 35 35
2 14/09/2014 Sun Ashbourne to Dunleer 40 75
3 15/09/2014 Mon Dunleer To CarrickDale 32 107
4 16/09/2014 Tue CarrickDale to Banbridge 30 137
5 17/09/2014 Wed Banbridge To Belfast 38 175
6 18/09/2014 Thu Belfast to Randlestown 32 207
7 19/09/2014 Fri Rest 0 0
8 20/09/2014 Sat Randlestown to Dungiven 48 255
9 21/09/2014 Sun Dungiven to Derry 29 284
10 22/09/2014 Mon Derry to Malin 52 336
11 23/09/2014 Tue Malin to Buncrana/RathMullen Ferry 41 377
12 24/09/2014 Wed RathMullen to Stranorlor 54 431
13 25/09/2014 Thu Stranorlor to Ballintra 38 469
14 26/09/2014 Fri Ballintra to Sligo 50 519
15 27/09/2014 Sat Sligo to Tubber curry 34 553
16 28/09/2014 Sun Tubbercurry to Dunmore 53 606
17 29/09/2014 Mon Dunmore to Galway 46 652
18 30/09/2014 Tue Rest 0 0
19 01/10/2014 Wed Galway to Craughwell 35 687
20 02/10/2014 Thu Craughwell to Crusheen 38 725
21 03/10/2014 Fri Gort via Ennis to Sixmilebridge 50 775
22 04/10/2014 Sat Sixmilebridge to Charalvillie via Limerick 52 827
23 05/10/2014 Sun Charleville to Bally Desmond via newmarket 48 875
24 06/10/2014 Mon Ballydesmond toTralee 35 910
25 07/10/2014 Tue Tralee to Killarney (49 via Kilorgan TFB) 31 941
26 08/10/2014 Wed Killarney to Kenmare 42 983
27 09/10/2014 Thu Kenmare to Bantry 45 1028
28 10/10/2014 Fri Bantry to Mizen Head 43 1071
29 11/10/2014 Sat Mizen Head to Ballydehob 34 1105
30 12/10/2014 Sun Ballydehob to Clonakilty 44 1149
31 13/10/2014 Mon Clonakility to Cork 46 1195
32 14/10/2014 Tue Rest 0 0
33 15/10/2014 Wed Cork to Castlemaytr 31 1226
34 16/10/2014 Thu CastleMyrtr to Dungarvan 42 1268
35 17/10/2014 Fri Dungarvan To Waterford 44 1312
36 18/10/2014 Sat Waterford To KilKenny 44 1356
37 19/10/2014 Sun Rest 0 0
38 20/10/2014 Mon Kilkenny to New Ross 39 1395
39 21/10/2014 Tue New Ross to Wexford 35 1430
40 22/10/2014 Wed Wexford to Goery 42 1472
41 23/10/2014 Thu Gorey to RathDrum via Arklow 45 1517
42 24/10/2014 Fri Wicklow to Bray 28 1545
43 25/10/2014 Sat Bray via DunLaoghaire/blackrockto DCM Start 21.8 1566.8
44 26/10/2014 Sun Rest 0 0
45 27/10/2014 Mon Dublin City Marathon 42.2 1609

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The Unforgettable Dream ( Come on Take Me Home – Home Again)

September 12th, 2014
So I settled down that night in a football dressing room they provided at the back of  the   Iorwerth Arms bar in the Welsh village of Bryngwran . My last night on the road for tomorrow night I will be at my destination Holyhead.
I pulled a piece of plywood which was lying behind a row of chairs, pulled a nail out and propped it up on eight chairs to make a bed.
I slept well, in all about eleven hours rising at eleven am when Phil came by with some tea and Weetabix, then Wyn gave me a sausage breakfast roll. Wonderful people.
So I was off and running about noon, twenty four hours to Dublin, I am in great form running with a spring in my step. For some reason U2′s song The Unforgettable Fire has been ringing loudly in my head these last two days.
My thoughts have the music in the background, like its the final scenes in a movie epilogue, I rename the song and sing The Unforgettable Dream
“ Come on take me away
Come on take me home
Home again
 ” Walk ’til you run

And don’t look back
For here I am


The wheels fly and the colors spin ”


Yes I am rolling now, Is it possible I will ever forget this dream. I have often wondered during some of the glorious, most memorable moments of the run that if, God forbid I ever develop such a cruel condition as dementia or Parkinson’s could I possibly ever forget this run in the future, Sadly I think that is to be expected of such a deliberating condition. 

I have decided to finish Wales at the South Stack Lighthouse as it’s further west than Holyhead, so on I run around about twenty stunning inlets and small bays,
In a village called Valley stop at a grocery store and a lad there called Rob tells me he is new to running and how much he enjoys it. He tells me he loves Spain so much and wants to run the coast of Spain, I tell him to go for it. I sit down on his stool and drink my coffee while he tells me I am living his dream.
Up the road I check my smart phone, I get a congratulation email from my friend Jean Beliveau from Quebec who walked 77,000km around the world in 11 years. He stayed in my home for a week. One night when we were talking about his world walk  I told him he was living my dream,
Now I am thinking of Rob and how things have changed. 
This was Jean’s email:
WOW Tony!!!

Luce and I are so happy about what you have done.
I remember when I was in your home in 2006, you said you are doing my dream… YOU did your genuine dream.

Congrats, Jean.
PS. When you will feel the best time, please Skype me.

So on I run, a man tells me it’s too far to run to South Stack. I tell him I am running around the world, same to a woman who offers me a lift. The reply is always the same. 
” Good on ya mate” Not really sure if they ever believe me. What would you think if someone answered you like this?
Eventually I made it to the South Stack lighthouse, down 365 steps to the end of Wales, My final foreign footsteps have been cast… 
I look out to the Irish sea and see a mountain.  On a clear day perhaps Ireland.
And once again my head explodes in a crescendo of familiar rock music
I hear the unmistakable intro with The Edge  on keyboards, that goes on and on, the intro is the constant chorus being repeated over and over these last two days.
Eventually Bono comes into my dream he is singing at full volume,
Stay tonight…
” I’m going home,
I’m going home…
” Home tomorrow….
 Home…. I’m going home…  I’m going home… “
 And the music continues….  On it goes to the beat of…
” I’m going home,
  I’m going home…
  ” Home tomorrow….”
 So it went on and on I could hear…
Larry  banging away on his drums in his distinctive way. While Adam and the Edge thundering away on bass and lead guitars,
I raise my hands, punch the air…. I am at my final foreign shore, ready for home.
” Ready for Home, Ready for Home
My head is spinning as my thoughts coincide to the words and music of…
”  Come on take me away

Come on take me away
Come on take me home
Home again

And if the mountain should crumble
Or disappear into the sea
Not a tear, no not I

Stay in this time
Stay tonight in
Ever after, this love in time
And if you save your love
Save it all

Don’t push me too far
Don’t push me too far


” Your only rivers run cold
These city lights
They shine as silver and gold
Dug from the night
Your eyes as black as coal “
And then I think of tomorrow in Dublin port :)
I canter back to Holyhead, I dare not miss that ferry! :)
Words of the Unforgettable Fire courtesy of Adam Clayton and U2
Press  HERE to play The Unforgettable Fire
Please read two new postings below.

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Iorwerth Arms Bar in Bryngwran, Wales

September 12th, 2014

Phil, Paul and Wyn

Thursday 11th September 2014, Nine eleven I awake thinking of my American friends, supporters  and those that have helped me on the run. Today my heart is very much with America.

I have a late start, don’t know why I am so slack in the mornings, things will have to change in Ireland. Today I have a decision, it’s 51 kilometres to the end of Wales, the end of my last overseas country of the run, I am thinking one day or two days. My ferry from Holyhead departs at 9am on Saturday so I can run this in two days if I want, and that’s what I decided to do, I will have two easy days taking my time.
Ah yes decisions. I have been listening to the conversations in the cafes and bars in England and Wales these last two weeks. Everyone seems to have an opinion about the Scottish vote, will they vote for an independent Scotland or remain part of the UK. Many Scots have moaned not getting enough Scottish say, often they refer to their oil reserves as though they were a Gulf nation. Many people don’t realize that when the true geographical border is drawn that England will get more than they expect. I am reliably informed that with a yes vote Scotland will then cease to be part of the EU. Many people may think this is a blessing in disguise but who will bail them out if they become another basket case like Greece. Will mother England or the Eu? Just like they bailed out another non EU country, Iceland.
Personally I believe that anyone with a good steady job would be unwise to vote yes. How many of the multi-nationals will pull out if the September 18th vote is yes? Already Scottish companies are being hammered on the Stock exchange, notably Royal Bank of Scotland.
Eventually I ran out of Bethesda taking some back roads and trails on my gps avoiding the large town of Bangor. Over the Menai bridge and onto Anglesey island my next island will be Ireland. I got too much time to think, I wonder if an island is really an island if it has a land connection like a bridge? If not then surely the day the Euro Tunnel was opened between Calais, France and Dover England that by extension (pun intended!) means the UK ceased to be an island that day. Three of the world six continents are joined together in the shape of a jagged letter r. Europe to Asia and then Asia to Africa. North America is only separated from Asia by about 30 kilometres across the Bering Straights between the USA and Russia. South America though not joined by road to North America is joined by a jungle. The world is a lot closer to us than we realize I thought. I will never say it’s a small world, not after running it, that’s for sure!
Many times I stopped that day enjoying the fresh Welsh country air. Most of the highway A5 had little or no shoulder, far too many dangerous bends to enjoy. As in England local services cutbacks meant hedges, shrubbery and trees were overgrown hanging out onto the highway and at times blocking my view of oncoming traffic. Often I had to change sides because of this and the dangerous bends, slow progress on this busy stretch of road.
I stopped on the highway just past the village of Mona. A sign said stop when a highway light is red. It was at RAF base Mona. A hawk jet barely clearing the road is coming in to land. Later I was told this is a taking off and landing training centre.
I can’t help thinking about India. I remember how drivers refused to stop at an uncontrolled  railway crossing. A guard was frantically trying to get the trucks, buses and cars to stop. I watched for about three minutes. perhaps the train driver expected this for it had stopped. That is only one part of the mayhem, the uncivilized mess that is north India. I wondered what they would have done here, would they have stopped to let a jet land! I wouldn’t bet much on it.
On I ran to another village called Gwalchmai and stopped at the local bar of the same name. No pub grub so on I went another three or four kilometres down the road I stopped in Bryngwran and went into the Iorwerth Arms bar. Still no pub grub but what a welcome I received from the locals. Paul the barman made me about six cups of tea all free of charge over the course of a really pleasant evening. i wondered if this will be my last night on the road abroad for tomorrow I will be staying at my destination.
I was told the bar was not a commercial bar, it was bought for £100,000 by the community only four weeks ago. The locals take turns to bar tend, only pay is a pint at the end of their shift! There is a fundraising event featuring a live band is performing tomorrow night. A few men are putting up a marque for the band. I joke that I can sleep in the marque tonight, later I am given the keys to a changing room a football team use at the back of the bar. Another man called Phil gives me a foam mat to lie on and an electric kettle, mug and tea bags! Fast learner Phil :)
A man called Wyn takes publicity photos of me holding both the Welsh and Anglesea flags. Later he cooks me a huge dinner of sausages,rashers, beans, black pudding, chips and eggs.
I am a bit surprised when I am told to put my coat on and eat it out in the backyard. Then I am told it’s because they haven’t gotten their food licence yet.

Eating out!

I get talking to a woman who tells me many of the locals are in support of the Scot yes vote. I ask if she thinks Wales will follow suit. She doubts it as Wales has very little industry since Thatcher closed the mines as she said.
Before I could ask her why she drove off so later I caused a debate among six of the men in the bar. The reasons being according to the men was she was against unions and wanted to privatize the mines. Another man said in fairness coal was not selling well, it was no longer profitable. That’s when we went nuclear chipped in another, and nothing to do with any ‘ Greeny stuff ‘ as he put it.

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Wales Has Been Run

September 12th, 2014



Wales Has been run!! :)

I finished at South Stack light house, the nearest point to Ireland and then had a lovely canter back to Holyhead where I wait for my ferry to Dublin in the morning.

Thanks to Stenna Lines for my complimentary passage :)
I  am in Holyhead now and will be on the ferry to arrive in Dublin Port at noon!

Please note not Dunlaoire port but the port close to the city.

A big welcoming crowd is promised! Thank you so much. If you are late we plan on doing breakfast in the Topaz petrol station which I understand is close by!! Please see my website www.theworldjog.com/blog
I am having a bit of a problem getting the Irish route copied and pasted but my first day will be from the port to topaz to Fitzwilliam Place, Ardee St, Grey Street,Meath Street, Thomas Street,Bridge Street,Church Street, Gravediggers Pub Glassnevin, Finglas Village to Ashbourne. I think Sunday is to Dunleer but need to confirm this.
Hope you can come and run some, See you This has been an Unforgettable Dream but its not over, Let the party begin!! Come on Ireland, I am so proud to be from Dublin and Ireland :)

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51 kilometres to Dublin

September 11th, 2014

Today nine eleven as always my heart and thoughts are with my many American friends, supporters and those that kindly helped me.

Things are still going well for me now in Wales the 40th country of the world run.
48,340km run in 1,112 road days. Just 51km more in Wales and then the ferry to Dublin.My Irish route will be 1,609 including the marathon, so nicely placed form the 50,000 km at the finish.
Wednesday night I stopped in Bethesda in the Victoria bunk house as a dormitory accommodation is called in this area. A nice and clean place over a pub of the same name. On the the road an English cyclist called Sam stopped to offer me water. He is from Hereford and doing a construction job here so gave me the name of the place. I was given a £5 discount by the nice staff here only charging me 20, a true bargain as most nights I have been quoted between 60/75, luckily the weather is very dry and warm with just a small night time chill so I camp out.
I was running through the magnificent Snowdonia National Park. Snowdonia for me is perhaps the third most picturesque location of the run after the Colorado Rocky mountains and the Turkish mountains.
I can’t believe the run is almost over, soon my dream will be put to bed, the monster idea which haunted me for so many years will finally be exorcised. Like a sibling growing up and leaving the nest there will soon be a huge void in my life. How to fill it is another question. What will I do, perhaps become a professional motivational speaker, perhaps giving lectures of the run. I am told by my fellow world runner friend Jesper Olsen from Denmark that there is a huge demand for this. Jesper will be running the last week in Ireland with me, more on this later.

Gotta run! Talk later!

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