Tues 27th. In Tecun Uman, Guatemala!  Today from Metapa de Dominguez, Mexico to Tecun Uman 21.8km run. Total for 269 road days = 11,903.3km

I made it and I am alive!! Having said that as I sit here in this internet cafe I just heard the loudest thunder crack in my life! It sounded like a bomb exploding!!

By the time I got over the border it was too late to run more as I got delayed as they tried to ” Extract ” another visa fee out of me = $25 because I didn’t have my receipt! I told them this was shit and go read my blog from June 21 when I made a joke of it as I got lost on the way back from the bank after paying it in Tecate and besides how could I have a visa if I didn’t pay, receipt or no receipt. They delayed me for well over an hour saying they would email Tecate…. I told them I wanted to run out of Mexico and continue my world run ¡MUY RAPIDO! and then let me go without paying the ” extraction fee “

By the way I had a huge blog update that I lost last night as I accidently deleated my USB stick :( So I will have to start over again, sorry and thanks so much for your patience. I will try to get the Mexico blog finished before I  run a couple of quick countries :)

Also >>>>  I have just gone back another hour and am now -5 hours gmt! I entered Mexico at Pacific time and exit it at New York time! This just goes to show how comprehensive this run is as I am ultimately heading west and south but the geographical shape of  Central America has taken me back all this distance to go forward…. And you know what that means? Yes I will have to run back! I am about 14 degrees above the equator now.

Monday 26th Sept.

The big news today is that from tomorrow, Tuesday 27th, I will start running with just a small backpack and a bottle bag. I have gotten my baggage down to a few kilos and am working hard on reducing it even further :)

I will also be running the last 17km here in Mexico and entering Guatemala. Many people told me during my research and my time in Canada and the USA that running through Mexico was a sure ” death wish! ” Well that has not been the case. Many thanks to the Angeles Verdes, Policia Municipal, Policia Federal, the various Secretario de Turismo, Civil Protection, local governments, mayors, hotels, restaurants and the Mexican people. Another point of note: Many people, especially Mexican people told me that other than the USA border areas that the state I have been enjoying so much, Chiapas State would be the most dangerous for me in the whole of Mexico….. The reality is that they have probably been the most welcoming and hospitable state in Mexico.

I have sent Nirvana on to Buenos Aires, Argentina and would like to thank John Boyle for offering to take her in till I get there, around July. I would also like to thank the Irish community and embassy there for their enthusiastic support.

Here in Tapachula, Chiapas. I would especially like to thank Everesto and Ray of Angeles Verdes for their patience in helping me wade through the nightmare of customs and freight forwarding for my two packages which they wrapped and unwrapped several times and took from office to office. I could not have done this without their wonderful help. Everesto, was also good enough to sacrifice his day off on my behalf. Thanks lads. You are a credit to your state and country :)

My figuring is that I will more than likely, but not necessarily need Nirvana even for Patagonia. I am not naive and know there are 200-300km between settlements down there but I have many plans to get around these minor issues, should I encounter them in the rest of Latin America. Much of this area has villages and towns  just 10-15km apart.

But there are other areas where they are not so conveniently placed. C’est la vie! Where there is a will to run around the world there is a way!

It will be winter there in Patagonia, so I will need a few extra comforts as my pocket sized summer sleeping bag wont go far there!

There are many reasons for this drastic decision.

1. The tight, narrow roads with endless dangerous bends and loco drivers in Central America.

2. The other obvious danger of pushing a cart through these countries.

3. This is the way I initially dreamt of running around the world. I have been experimenting these last 2 weeks, It has been a great success.

4. Lets be honest, Its not much fun pushing Nirvana up many hills and does reduce the purity of my run.

The experiment was only possible thanks to the great help of the Angeles Verdes in Oaxaca and Chiapas states who transported Nirvana about 700km from Oaxaca to Tapachula.

There is one conclusion that I eventually came to… I cannot run with my laptop. I have sent that and other unnecessary (for the summer) items to Ireland.

My updates will have to be from Ciber Shops, as internet cafes are called here.

I really need an ipad and if there is a company out there that would be willing to sponsor me this I would be very grateful :)

I will give more details of my ” experiment “ in a future blog.

My South America route will soon be modified to: Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and then just as Butch Cassidy did, I will drop into Bolivia, who the hell are those guys!

Skipping Chile into Northern Argentina, which I know so well, and is my favourite country in the world having spent 5 months travelling there in 1983.

I will then run to Buenos Aires, pick up Nirvana for Patagonia.

So lets see how it goes! Tomorrow for me will be the start of a new adventure. After running through Ireland and then 3 massive countries, Canada, USA and Mexico in 11 months.

I can now start making more progress with a country every week or two now for the next 2-3 months.

My prediction is that I will spend Christmas in Colombia.

Thanks for your ever loyal support and I promise I will get the blog up-to-date soon!


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  1. kevin scanlon Says:

    tony, congrats on another leg of your journey. you are doing great. i have followed you every day since you passed me on the streets of dublin during my 1st marathon last year. hopefully the lack of nirvana and the numerous towns/villages will help you on your way. enjoy the next leg and well done. kevin

  2. Ann Says:

    Congratulations on another great feat Tony, The next few countries will seem so short in comparison to your journey so far, apart from Ireland. Take care and continue to enjoy and share your adventures. Ann :)

  3. Andrés Montero Flores Says:

    Good Man Tony;

    And Real Honor have being your partner in Nayarit, México; Here we never forgets you prescence. And Unforgetible and unique experience sharing your excepcional courage.

    God blest your steps Tony, we will be following your news.

    Andrés Montero Flores & Family.

    Ahuacatlán Nayarit , México.

  4. theworldjog Says:

    Thank you Kevin for your great support. I guess that was you that made that very generous donation to Aware? Thank you so much. I am in a Guatemalan border town called Tecun Uman. By the time I got over the border it was too late to run more as I got delayed as they tried to ” Extract ” another visa fee out of me = $25 because I didnt have my receipt! I told them this was shit and go read my blog from June 21 when I made a joke of it as I got lost on the way back from the bank after paying it in Tecate and besides how could I have a visa if I didnt pay, receipt or no receipt. They delayed me for well over an hour saying they would email Tecate…. I told them I wanted to run out of Mexico and continue my world run ¡MUY RAPIDO! and then let me go without paying the ” extraction fee “

  5. stewart cochrane Says:

    another great read tony…..
    i have a friend who will contact you soon via e-mail….brian is his name …great traveller who has travelled thru where you are now…he may be able to give you some hints or help on the road??/
    i’m forwarding your web page to him and i will get him to get in touch with you!!!

    take care

    stewart and bernie

  6. Gary Says:

    Great read Tony boy! Glad to hear your going so well! Keep up the great work! Ireland are doing great in the Rugby World Cup you will be delighted to know! Having beaten USA, Australia (yes you are reading that correctly haha) and Russia so far, we now play Italy in the final pool match. If we win we most likely play Wales in the quarter final. Dublin also won the All Ireland football title this year beating Kerry in the final by a single point :-) The scenes around the city were amazing. Im sure you would have loved seeing them had you been at home.

    All the best. Keep safe,

  7. Katheryn Cochrane Says:

    Woah, what an inspriation to read today. Imagine, in a couple weeks it will be the 1st anniversary of the start of your world run!! Thinking of you often, best of luck on the road!! I have friends running the 2011 Dublin Marathon..i told them they;re a year late to witness the magic!

    Keep smiling : )

    Katheryn Cochrane
    Newfoundland Canada

  8. Diana and Bill Stephens Says:

    I am so glad to hear that you made it thru Mexico as we were one of those ‘worry-ers’ of Mexico travels.

    God watches out for those who believe. You have a great angel watching over you.

    Good Luck with the next part of your journey!

    Diana and Bill Stephens
    Macomb, Illinois, USA

  9. Bob Says:

    Tony, We are so glad that you made it across Mexico. But, you have mentioned a few times that Americans and Canadians said it was a death wish in Mexico. Well, remember your not Canadian, and your not American.
    Your IRISH! The IRISH was never a threat to the Mexicans.

  10. Greg Havely Says:

    Hey Tony—-another day, another country–that is what it is going to seem like for awhile as you transit Central America, now that you are through Mexico. I hope that the cyber shops work OK for your blog as it has become my daily read and have enjoyed it. Seems like a long time ago since Sedona!!—–OK my friend–good running—–Greg

  11. roy Says:

    awesome news tony, congrats on finishing mexico! happy trails my friend!

  12. John Salmon Says:

    Hi Tony, I see you are in Rio Bravo tonight. One of my favourite westerns. You are doing great and we all enjoy your blog. continue to enjoy your travels as we all love to read about your adventures. All the best on the road. John

  13. Serena Salmon Says:

    Hey Tony, Great update and best of luck as you continue this new part of your run. A country a week :) you’re the only man alive I know who could say that and really mean it!! Keep on running, Serena

  14. ian reeves Says:

    keep it rolling tony! (or not, as you’ve left the chariot behind)it seems you have your kit down to something a minimalist would be proud of! speaking of which, i’m very proud of you and the amazing trip you’re doing. deborah and i are currently walking for a few months in india…a whopping 500km under our belts, haha. good luck, amigo and know that we’re rooting for you!

    ian and deborah

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