TOTAL RUN 10,826.5 KM = 6,727.3  MILES FOR 241. ROAD DAYS.

                                                                     MEXICO STATE. (Including Federal District)

Aug 25th, 2011.  Hotel Hollywood Drive Inn, Gral. Ignacio Zaragoza 839.Mexico D.F.

To Rancho Tinacal ” Loma ” Ancha, km 23 on Route 190 Libre. Ran 52km today.

 Crazy day clearing the city,Owner kindly let me stay on Rancho, Ran unsupported today

Aug 24th. 2011. From Hotel del Angel, Rio Lerma 154, Mexico D.F. to Hotel Hollywood Drive Inn, Gral. Ignacio Zaragoza 839.Mexico D.F.

 Route: Local roads and Av.Viaducto and Av.Zaragoza. Very late start, 28.2km measured on a Google map. The reality is I ran a lot more as I ran on the service roads which were very difficult to negotiate. I have just about cleared the city but the Fedral highway 150 tomorrow may be a bit crazy as I am still near the city. I may take some service roads, will see.

Aug 23rd 2011. From km 41 on route 15 to Hotel del Angels,( Rio Lerma #154) 35.3 crazy kms today into Mexico City. Route 15,15d, Paseo de La Reforma, and local roads.

Aug 22nd 2011. From km 35 on route 55d to km 41 on route 15. Todays route: 55d, A-6d,  and 15. Today I ran 62km. Felt really strong! About 41km to Mexico City. I have asked for 2 escort vehicles to make my way through the city tomorrow and am getting them, one in front of me and one behind me.

 Thanks so much David, local chief of Angeles Verdes who have sponsored mine and support driver Martin’s night in Toluco Holiday Inn. We commutted there.

Aug 21st 2011. From km 122 on route 15d to km 35 on route 55d. Route today 15d, local roads, 55d.

Today I ran 56km and felt so strong in the last 20 that I did a few extra :) Thanks to my support driver, Martin from Angeles Verdes for doing a great job as all AV men have done. We crossed into Mexico State.

Commute to Ixtlahuaca.

                                                                     MICHOACAN STATE

20th Aug 2011. From km 172 to km 122. Today was a 50km plod as I didn’t get any sleep last night. Commute to Atlacomulco and staying in hotel paid for by Angeles Verdes Mexico City  base  for their man Martin to crew for me, so sharing his room. Thanks so much.

19th Aug. 2011. From km 222 on route 15d to km 172. Today I ran 50 glorious km’s. Lovely day. Staying in Angeles Verdes base. Commute about 75km to Moreila.

18th Aug 2011. From km 267 to km 222 on autopista 15d Today I ran 45km. Commute about 25km to Moreila, stayed in Sports Councils dorm at their center.

17th Aug 2011. From km 317 to km 267 on route 15d. 50 km run today. First 30 were fairly easy. Last 20 very tough hills. Staying in Hotel Casino,Moreila  sponsored by Tourism Secretary. Thanks so much :)   approx 45 km commute to Moreila.

16th August from km marker 367 to km marker 317. Today I ran 50km on route 15d

This morning I was very tired as I only got 3 hours sleep. This is an ongoing problem with my heavy workload early starts and no help. 105km commute to Moreila

15 Aug 2011 from Oxxo seervice station at km marker 417.5 on route 15d to km 367.

Commute to Zamora.

50.5km run today. Felt strong. Crossed into Michoacan state (my 6th) after about 20km today

                                                                      JALISCO STATE.

14th Aug 2011. From km marker 465 to km 417.5, Oxxo service station,Jamay. 47.5km run today on route 15d.

Commute to La Barca. Thanks to Hotel Kristal for a night in their lovely hotel.

13th Aug 2011. From  tequila distillery near Zapopan to km marker 465 on autopista 15d near Puente Grande. Ran 53.3km today. Ran thru Guadalajara. Felt strong all day. Commute to Ocoton. Thanks to Hotel Sol for a beautiful room in their luxury hotel.

12th Aug 2011. Lovely rest day  in Gran Hotel Los Reyes, Guadalajara. 9 hours sleep! Magnifico! Thanks so much for 2 lovely nights in your wonderful hotel.

11th Aug 2011. From Magdelena exit at km 46.5 to km 0 on autopista. Then ran 1 km to suitable. Finish location at tequila distillery near Zapopan. total today = 47.5km

Thanks to Opal Hotel for a nights stay.

10th Aug 2011. From Inspection station km 91 on autopista 15d Ran 44.5km to finish at Magdelena exit = km 46.5. Commute about 2km to town. Note after about 4km today I ran from Nayarit State to Jalisco State. Time Zone Change to Central Standard Time = -6 hours GMT.

                                                               NAYARIT STATE.

Aug 9th From km 127 Ran 36km  to finish at inspection station on autopista 15d at km 91.

Commute to Ixtlan del Rio.

Aug 8th 2011. Start km 0 in Tepic City ran 54km thru local city roads, route 15 and autopista 15d. finish at km 127. Commute to Achatalan.

Aug 7th 2011. From km 39 Ran 31km today on local roads, Route 15 and Autopista 15d. Finish at km 0. *** 10,000th KM RUN TODAY :) *** Finish in Tepic City.

Aug 6th 2011. Commute from Tuxpan City to start at km 89 marker ran 50km today to km 39 marker. Note: Spot started today but did not update.

Aug 5th 2011 From Nayarit State Line km 145.7 to Rosamorada Cross. km 89. = 56.7km run today. Commute to Tuxpan City, guest of the city.

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  2. Alex and Denis in Maine Says:

    Hi Tony-
    It’s been over 8 months since we saw you last on New Year’s day, I can’t believe you’re still going and going and going! We’re so happy that you’re following your dream, stay safe we’re all rooting for you!
    alex and denis in Maine

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