I will be in Arizona in a few days  time. After that there is only California left before I can claim to be the first Irish runner  to have run across North America ( Cape Spear, Newfoundland to San Diego, California )

I expect this to be run in about 5 weeks. As mentioned before I will then take a short time out / rest :)  in Ireland before resuming  my world run.

This is my route for the remainder of the USA. Click >> HERE

I got checked out by a chiropractor friend yesterday and the feet are in good shape :)

In almost  6 months on the road and almost 7,000 km  run not one single blister thanks to DRYMAX excellent socks :)   Check out their site >> HERE

Everything moving nice and smoothly on the run. I couldn’t be happier :)

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  1. Ruth & Chet Says:

    So you are going to take a rest. How long a rest and when can I start to tract you again?

  2. Phil Essam Says:


    I believe its your Birthday Wednesday! Happy Birthday and enjoy your day.



    PS- Good news is that the bladder stones are all gone! :-)

  3. theworldjog Says:

    Hi Ruth and Chet. Just 2 or 3 weeks. I have my return timed with the 2 U2 concerts in Anaheim 17 and 18th June. Hope I dont have a problem with flights as I havent booked them yet.

  4. Phil McCarthy Says:

    Tony, have a very happy birthday!!! Best wishes, and always thinking of you and sending you good vibes.

  5. serena Says:

    Hey Tony. Happy birthday! Glad to see all is going well and that your living it up on the road on your birthday! Be sure to treat yourself to a hefty ould steak today and take it easy! Lots of love, Serena x

  6. Gary and Mark Says:

    Hi Tony! Happy 40th birthday :) haha! Glad you are going so good. Keep safe. Gary and Mark

  7. ann Says:

    Happy Birthday Tony, hope you having a great day living your dream. Take care and have a huge steak to celebrate. Ann John and family xx :)

  8. mam Says:

    Happy Birthday Tony, hope you are having a lovely day.Glad that you are doing what you have always wanted to do on your birthday. Sorry we couldn’t hear you when you rang but it was probably the altitute again in Colorado. Already sent you a comment but it seemed to delete. Take care and be safe. Love Mam x :)

  9. stewart cochrane Says:

    keep up the excellent work (?)

    have a good one

    stewart and bernie
    newfoundland canada

  10. Mark & Gary Says:

    Hi Tony :) Hope you are enjoying your birthday doing the the you have always wanted :) Hope you are having a nice time on the road today :) You are doing great keep running ! :D

    Mark&Gary :)

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